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LAST UPDATED: February 11, 2018


NEW:  A new page (Lyrics II) has been added to allow individuals who have digitally purchased our music to enjoy the lyrics for our latest, self-financed release, The Concession Continuum. In addition to the lyrics, we have included a synopsis of each song that describes the inspiration or drive for each lyrical composition. JP

NEW: After a long delay, our latest album, The Concession Continuum, will be out in mid-March on cd format and on vinyl format (through Black Feelings Horde Records in Colombia) towards the end of the year. The album will be available through this site as well as other select distributors. JP

We have added a new page to our website, Severance ReverbNation. Our new album, The Concession Continuum, as well as much of the Severance catalog is available for your listening pleasure. Enjoy the tunes. JP 

NEW: A new live video featuring two songs from our gig at The Black Sea Fest in Chornomorsk, Ukraine has been added on the Videos Page. Enjoy. JP

Album Update

Well, as promised, here is the album update...The new material is all finished, mixed, and ready to shop around. We are currently shopping the material to various labels in hopes of finding one to work with us. The plan is to release The Concession Continuum as a DVD/CD combo. Hopefully, this will come to fruition. The artwork (which will be revealed soon) is also complete. We are really pleased with the final outcome; Charlie Vela at Sound of Rain Studios displayed why he is so sought-after in South Texas for his studio skills. The track listing is as follows:
1-Conceding to Consequence
3-Silenced Insolence
4-The Idle Idol
5-Intent (Interlude)
7-Stripped of Innocence
8-En Tiempos Muertos
9-Dying Aspirations 
Total Time: 40:06

We will keep this site updated with any further developments. Thanks for your interest. JP

Web Store Now Available!!!

Yes, you can finally buy your Severance merchandise directly from this site without having to send money through mail. We realize that many of you are reluctant to send money in this manner, and we don't blame you. For this reason, we have set up the Severance Web Store. Simply order your product from the Web Store Page and follow the directions for paying. Pay Pal is the preferred method, but all major credit cards are accepted as well. All funds are to be paid in U.S. Dollars, and conversions from foreign currencies can be calculated when ordering product. Most product will ship within two days of receiving the order. If you would like to confirm availability of specific item(s) or you have a question of any kind regarding merchandise, feel free to e-mail JP at www.jaimeperez917@yahoo.com   The purpose of this web store is to help promote Severance, not to make money. Most of our items are sold for the same price we paid for them. We made every attempt to keep product prices reasonable, but many times shipping costs are outrageous!! Check out the product, and any new items added to our inventory will be posted to this page. Thanks, JP

Send us your pics for the new "Severance Epidemic Page"

We've noticed quite a few of you showing your support for Severance by wearing your Severance attire just about everywhere from concerts to supermarkets, and shopping malls to churches.  We've decided to dedicate a page to you guys because your support is priceless and greatly appreciated.  This page will contain photos of anyone wearing anything that supports Severance.  If you own one of our shirts, beanies, etc.  and don't see yourself on this page, send us your pic, and I will post it a.s.a.p.  You can send it to my (Jaime's) e-mail address, which can be found on the "Contacts  Page".  If you would like a shirt, check out our "Merchandise Page" and purchase one.  Click on each thumbnail to acquire more information about the photo.  Thanks for your support and stay severed.  JP

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