Violating in Vegas (June 14, 2012) Violating in Vegas (June 14, 2012) The Luxor Interior of the Luxor, the hotel most of us were staying in. 158040653 The Luxor Luxor interior; nice Egyptian theme. 158040654 The Luxor The welcoming Pharoahs that await you as you enter the hotel from one of its many entrances. 158040655 Burning in Vegas Here is a pic of the outside view. It was hot, but not as hot as South Texas. 158040656 Luxor Exterior This is a shot of the transportation that is intertwined between MGM Grand, The Luxor, Excalibur, etc. 158040657 The Pyramid Our room was somewhere within this pyramid. 158040658 The Excalibur Probably one of the most colorful hotels in the strip. 158040659 Severance and Parental Advisory Both bands were some of the first to get to the Cheyenne Saloon (the fest's venue), so we took a quick pic together to commemorate the event. 158040660 Severance and Parental Advisory II Another pic displaying the international brotherhood of metal. 158040661 Two drummers and a Techie Raphael (Parental Advisory) and JP (Severance) pose behind the merchandise table with Mario, Severance roadie, guest, technician, and voluntary alcoholic beverage tester. 158040662 Nature Calls Abel bids farewell to the camera before entering the men's restroom at the Cheyenne Saloon. 158040663 Joe Dan JD expresses his anxiousness to perform while tending to the Ossuary Industries merchandise table. 158040664 JD JD wheeling and deeling to make a sale. 158040665 A force to be reckoned with... JD gets in performance mode... 158040666 At the fest Mario and JD 158040667 Supporting Severance The gang showed up to represent Severance, then to gamble away their 401Ks at the Vegas Strip. 158040669 Ungodly Trinity Mario poses with Fred and Raphael of Parental Advisory. 158040670 M and Ms Mike and Mario, one is peanut and the other is plain. You decide... 158040671 MFs Mario and Severance's Fernie...yeah, that's JP in the background. 158040672 Tuning... No performance is complete without the pre-performance tuning/sound check. Unfortunately, nothing could have prepared for the short-circuiting breakers. 158040676 The final moments... ...before the insanity begins. 158040677 Fernie and Abel I believe the two were having a profound discussion about the social class dichotomies in third world nations and how these dichotomies help create a heightened polarization between the classes. This is a very philosopical/intellectual band. Oh, nevermind, Fernie was just asking Able is he had any protien supplements. 158040679 Fernie Missing his girlfiend, Connie. 158040680 Madness... ...on stage. 158040681 Mike... ...feeding the crowd some metal. 158040682 Joe Dan and Mike Mike feels the need to kidney punch Joe Dan while he is least likely to expect it. 158040683 JD... ...banging away. 158040684 JD... ...the banging continues. 158040685 Mike... ...showing the crowd how to display to other motorists that you are turning left when one's blinkers don't work. 158040687 On stage... A glimpse from stage right (Fernie and Abel's side). 158040688 Another... photo from stage right. 158040689 Joe Dan... feeling the music. 158040690 What!??! An actual of picture of the drummer!!! 158040691 Fernie... ...reflecting upon life, while doing a guitar chord. True multi-tasking!! 158040692 Mike... ...larger than life...and death. 158040693 JP... ...maintaining the pulse. That's what I do. 158040694 The Voice Bring on the growls... 158040695 JP and JD ...the terrible, Texan twosome. 158040696 Live... live performance is complete without mandatory muscle stretching, as Mike kindly displays. 158040697 JD... ...either playing a guitar lead or performing the song Consumed. 158040699 Action shots... 158040700 More Action Shots... 158040701 Mike... ...enoys the moment. 158040702 JP... ...keeping the beat. 158040703 AAAHHHH... ...embarking in the ever-so-important and much-needed hydration. 158040704 Performing... A pic of JP in front of the LVDF IV banner that was used as a backdrop onstage. 158040705 Mike... ...armed and displaying his TXDM tattoo. 158040707 Shredding... This may possibly the best photo of the night, capturing each member in a metal frenzy. 158040709 Attentive Onlookers check out the Texas way it is done. 158040710 Severance... ...leaving everything on stage, giving it everything possible. 158040711