European Tour 2013 European Tour 2013 Where are the guitars??? Upon arriving in Barcelona, nobody told us that the guitars would be on a different baggage claim belt. For over an hour, we waited to fill out a lost baggage report, then they were found in a dark corner of the airport, unattended and dangerously vulnerable. 182026275 Spain... ...a random crowd shot from my point of view (behind the drums). This crowd was amazing, and seemingly endless. 182026463 Jaime on drums The smoke creepingly engulfs and leaves an amorphous effect upon me. JP 182026265 Fernie in Spain Fernie Salinas mentally prepares for the performance. 182026266 Mike in Spain Severance frontman releases it from the gut until he turns blue. 182026267 Spain in black and white ...during a song. 182026268 4 out of 5 Capturing the whole band on one shot is difficult, but here's the next best thing. 182026269 The three-headed fury on stage Three heads are better than one... 182026270 Another rare 4 out of 5 moment Where is that damn drummer? 182026271 JD in Spain Joe Dan riffs away... 182026272 Smile With so many cameras flashing in Spain, it was a miracle that managed Mike made direct eye contact with one of them. 182026273 Trutnov, Czech Republic The scattered crowd of 4000+ awaits the next band at the Obscene Extreme Fest. I believe we were next... 182026274 Munching in Spain Severance eating appetizers and downing some refreshments at Qeva Bar with some of our new Spanish friends, Jose, Roger, etc. 182026276 Munching in Spain Pt. 2 More drinks and appetizers along side the rode at another cafe. Lemonade was not an option at this place (they weren't familiar with it), so I had to settle for Lemon Fanta. 182026277 No...Not the movie This was another one of our many stops as we roamed the active streets of Spain. In case you are wondering, the staff's faces were not painted blue and there were no horses within the vacinity of this "cocteleria". 182026278 All-out, old-school Promotion Here is a photo of the flyer for the festival we performed at, pasted on a wall at a bar in Spain 182026279 Quiet and lonely...for now Before the fest, backstage/ band-only area at the Move Your Fucking Brain Festival in Spain. 182026280 76 degrees Fahrenheit Merchandise is set up during the fest in Spain. The weather during the middle of a summer day was enough reason to fall in love with Spain. 182026281 No Child Left Behind Some parents are raising their kids on the "metal path" at an early age and taking them to metal shows. This lady gets my vote for "Parent of the Year". 182026282 No excuses... The festival in Spain was set up on a closed, inclined street in a hilly/mountainous area, even walking up and down was tiring, but Justo (from Spain) didn't let that stop him from enjoying some metal as he unfazedly rolled himself on his wheelchair for over 7 hours in support of metal. 182026283 Living on the edge... This was the immediate scene behind our merchandise table at the open-air Move Your Fucking Brain Fest. 182026285 It happens... Our new friend Kapsi wisely resorts to the edge of rail to allow his body to release an excess of make room for more alcohol. 182026284 Nap time... Kapsi needs some rest between bands...rocking out is a tiring endeavor my friends. 182026286 From behind the drumkit.... I managed to squeeze in a few seconds for a crowd shot in Spain between songs. If it seems like the crowd goes on endlessly, that might be because it did. 182026287 Dave and I In 1992, we signed with a record label out of Madrid, Spain called Drowned Records. The owner of this label was David Sanchez Gonzalez (also known as Dave Rotten). It was nice to finally meet this man after more than 20 years of friendship through written letters and eventually e-mails. 182026288 Bitches Rock.... Even female dogs take their rocking serious in Spain. Notice the spiked metal collar. (Can a bitch really get anymore metal than that?!) 182026289 The man behind the madness... Roger (left) was the man primarily responsible for the festival in Spain. In addition to this, he was kind enough to chauffeur the band for a couple of days, and show us a good time. Gracias por todo nuestro hermano Roger. 182026290 No pole is spared... Here is another flyer for the show, posted on a pole in downtown Barcelona. 182026291 Tetris... I don't know how we managed to pack in the luggage of 9 individuals, six guitar cases and 3 containers of band merchandise in the back of our van...but we did it. 182026292 An imprisoned promotional flyer... Show promotion in Szedged, Hungary. 182026293 Cool club This was the venue where we played in Szeged, Hungary. 182026294 The Transportation... The dependable vehicle that took us through over 1300 miles of European roads. 182026295 Club Noir Many clubs in Europe have a dungeon-like atmosphere. This was the scene at Club Noir hours before our show in Szeged, Hungary. 182026296 Ready to go... The merchandise corner at Club Noir... 182026297 SEVERANCE ...atop a cathedral in Vienna, Austria, 182030120 Late night arrivals... This was the hotel we employed for the evening after our performance...wait, it gets scarier looking. 182026299 No, this is not Hotel Hell... We were jokingly told that our hotel for the evening appeared like something straight out of a horror movie; well, it aprently was no joke. I seriously contemplated writing my will before entering this place. In all honesty, it looked much better inside than outside. 182026298 ...more horror film setting. I should have sprinted inside instead of sticking around like a soon-to-be-dead tourist. 182026300 Rocktogon Our performance venue in Budapest, Hungary. 182026301 The "marquee" A little representation outside of the Club Rocktogon in Budapest. 182026305 Inside Rocktogon This cool mural, of what I assume is supposed to be Animal from the Muppets, greets the guests inside the club. 182026304 Taking care of business Fernie and I doing the business aspect of touring. This appears to be inside the club in Budapest. 182026462 A rare site... It's always exciting to see a record/cd/music shop, especially for the avid music collector. This is Pince CD (not Pinche) in Budapest. 182026302 ...but wait!!! There's more. The selection continues at the shop. We could have perused for another 2 hours, easily. 182026303 OUCH!!! Sometime those drum microphones are not a drummer's best friend. 182026306 Czech Republic This is a pic of one of the parking lots at the Obscene Extreme fest. 182026307 A fest like no other... An identifying banner, just in case you made a wrong turn and were expecting to find a church retreat. 182026308 Grind Market Inside the grind market were various vendors selling shirts, cds, patches, etc. Severance set up shop in here as well. 182026309 The metal masses Day 3 of the 4 day fest. Crowds await... 182026310 Enjoying the great outdoors, and some metal. Another angle of those in attendance. 182026311 Nature and metal In case you are wondering, it did rain 3 of the 4 days of the fest. That wouldn't be enough of a deterrent to scare off these metalheads. 182026312 The fest grounds... Yes, camping is allowed just several feet away for those who prefer to sleep to the sounds of loud, live music. 182026313 Heaven!!!! This is the kind of temptation one had to overcome in order not to be left money-less. Imagine 30-40 more of these. Yes, I too got chills... 182026314 What the!!?? Costumes at European metal shows/fests are not uncommon. This is one of the more eye-catching individuals in attendance. There was a long brown streak in the middle of his diaper. He can also be seen on the video of our performance (on the Videos Page of this site). I believe those are blown-up condoms on his head. 182026315 Live at the Obscene Extreme (Trutnov, Czech Republic) I can't remember this guys name, but it's the drummer for Severance during their performance. 182026316 Bang-a-thon Severance performs a thousand miles away for thousands. 182026317 Shit just got real... Say it with your chest!!! 182026318 JD from Severance Joe riffs away 182026319 All alone... ...but not lonely. 182026320 From behind (huh!!??) Thanks to Markus of Parental Advisory for these, otherwise, impossible shots during our perormance. 182026322 Abel... ...supplying the deep punch. 182026324 The new kid... Newest member, Fernie, in his first out of the country performance. 182026325 Mike from Severance The red-bearded man strikes again. 182026326 Creating the pulse... Look Mom, no shoes!! 182026327 Austria's Most Wanted Our brother from Parental Advisory, Otto ("I don't care.") Szabo 182026328 Three Musketeers Markus and Otto from Parental Advisory and a stage helper clowning around. 182026329 Another song... the Obscene Extreme Festival. 182026330 More sickness... ...more metal. 182026331 Fernie having withdrawals After a while, Fernie starting seeing protein shakes in the crowd in Czech Republic. 182026332 There's no fighting in metal... If that fist were any closer to Mike's face, it could have looked a little like Pantera's "Vulgar Display of Power". 182026333 Mike in Trutnov, Czech Republic Growling away... 182026334 From a distance A not-so-close-up photo of Severance 182026335 From afar... ...the metal rings on. 182026436 What a fest!? This is very difficult to top. 182026437 Another angle... ...of the madness. 182026438 Severance on TV!!!! ...not really, but close enough. 182026439 The Front Row... Afer our performance the woman in the flowery dress towards the middle asked me to autograph my drumstick and to also draw a heart on it!!! What am I, an organ donor!!?? Oh wait, yes, I am... 182026441 Abel on the bass... Slapping the bass man!!! 182026442 Joe Dan, hiding from the camera... Serious bangage!!! 182026443 Onlookers... Our friends watch our performance. 182026444 That's not a smile... that's called feeling the music. 182026445 Leading the pack... Joe Dan in lead guitar mode. 182026446 Uhhh... again. 182026447 Another rarity... ...making eye contact with the camera while playing a song. 182026448 The gathering... The crowd conjures up the courage to join us a little closer. 182026449 ...the crowd. I can never get enough of these crowd shots. 182026450 ...another crowd shot. I still can't get enough of these crowd shots. 182026451 Another one!!!??? Yes, another one. 182026452 Crowd reaction... ...asking for one more. Yes, Severance did an encore at Obscene Extreme. 182026455 Flying without wings... ...I believe somebody is attempting to fly or levitate. That's what you call, "The Power of Music." 182026456 An old friend... Back in the 1900's, I used to write to a friend from Hesdin, France. Well, I finally got to meet him, Nicholas Faubert. It's opportunities/experiences like this that make it all worth while. 182026459