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Severance CDs (6 different titles)


*The Concession Continuum  [2018] A brand new slab of chaos from Texas' Deathsters, Severance. Eight new songs and an interlude that are sure to make ears bleed. Lyrics included in cd booklet. Approximately 40 minutes of southern sickness. Very professional packaging. Pick up a copy, if you dare!

* TXDM 4-way Split [2014]. Burning Dogma and Corpse Gristle Records have released a 4-way digipak/split of 4 of Texas' sickest bands. This disc features 3 songs from Empty Shell, Demoniacal Genuflection, Interment and Severance. Each band offers two original tracks and one cover song.  It is my understanding that the 12 songs on this disc are exclusive to this release and will, therefore, not be found anywhere else. If you don't already know why, check out why the Texas scene is renowned and respected around the world.

* The Truth in Question . [2011].  New Severance album released by Sevared Records (NY) with all new material including a cover song from South American Metal Legends, Attomica. Thirty-five minutes of brand new Texas Death Metal!!


* Progression towards Purgatory . [2008]. This archival release takes you from our 1st studio demo Afterbirth of Infamy [1991], to a new, unreleased track. The version of this song will be exclusive to this release. Including the short intro, there are 13 songs on this release.With the exception of the intro and one exclusive track, all the material has been previously released in one form or another

*Suffering in Humanity . [2006]. This album was released with Goregiastic Records (NY). A video clip for the song "Consumed" is included on this as well.

*. ..what lies Ahead . [2005]. This re-issue has the 8 songs found on the original pressing of ".. .what lies ahead. " as well as the two songs from our 1992 release Abysmal Ascent and a hidden cover song. 

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