Texas Death Metal


In May of 1989, five individuals set out to form a band with intentions of creating extreme and aggressive music.  Frank Sariņana, Lee Sariņana, Oliver Gutierrez, Ralph Gutierrez and Jaime Perez were collectively known as Severance.  Below is a discography of the band that spans over two decades of perseverance through adversity and changeJP       


This demo was recorded in the living room of a friend's house.  It was recorded on a four-track mixer and came out pretty decent.  Several hundred were sold and even more were acquired through tape trading.  Procreation contained three songs: "Entombed", "Decimation" and "Eternally Possessed".  This self-produced rehearsal demo put Severance on the map, not only in the U.S., but abroad as well.  At the time of this recording, Severance consisted of: Frank Sarinaņa-guitars, Lee Sariņana-vocals, Oliver Guterrez-bass, Ralph Gutierrez-guitars and Jaime Perez-drums.



This release was our first studio effort.  It was an extension of our rehearsal demo.  It contained the same three songs as Procreation as well as an additional two songs, "Beyond Bleeding" and "Cycle of Torture".  This five-song demo continued to gain Severance world wide recogntion which ultimately led to a recording deal with Drowned Productions in Spain.  During this era, Severance had the same members as it did during Procreation. In 2020, Xtreme Music from Spain re-released this demo on 10-inch vinyl. JP



As mentioned above, Drowned Productions showed interest in Severance from hearing the Afterbirth of Infamy demo.  Severance recorded two new songs for a 7" record to be financed and distributed through Drowned Productions.  The two songs were "...and then Silence." and "The Beholder".  This was our only release on vinyl, and it sold out of the initial pressing of 2000 copies.  This was the first time Severance would undergo a line-up change.  Severance, during Abysmal Ascent was Frank Sariņana-guitars, Lee Sariņana-vocals, Ariel Menchaca-guitars, Oliver Gutierrez-bass and Jaime Perez-drums. JP



Because of multiple line-up changes, it would be 4 years before our next release.  This leads us to the self-financed, 4-song CD, Salvation Denied.  This release contained all new material and the global notoriety continued.  Only 576 copies of this disc were pressed, and they were all sold through various distributors as well as through the band.  Many more were acquired through the tape trading underground.  The songs on this release were: "Dominant Conscience", "Painfully Reborn", "Holocausto Obscurro (Espiritos en Guerra)" and "Cross-Breeding".  During this recording, Severance was: Ralph Gutierrez-guitars, Ariel Menchaca-guitars, Joe Vasquez-vocals, Oliver Gutierrez-bass and Jaime Perez-drums. JP    



 After over 10 years of existence, Severance would finally release their first full-length album, what lies ahead....  This effort was financed through Repulse Records in Spain and distributed in Europe through Black End Records and World War III Records in the U.S.  This 8-song release was Severance's most widely distributed effort.  No actual tally of sales was given to the band, but WWIII Records sold out of their initial pressing.  As of now, it is only available as an import through Black End Records in Europe.  An American re-issue is in the works.  This disc contained the songs: "When the Time Comes", "Damned at Birth", "Agonizing Ecstasy", "Inferior Superiors", "As I Wait", "Without Light", "Cross-Breeding" and "Foreseen Emptiness".  Part of Severance's inactivity was due primarily to even more line-up changes.  The members during this recording were: Ralph Gutierrez-guitars, Lupe Duque-guitars, Abel Barrera-bass, Joe Vasquez-vocals and Jaime Perez-drums. Twenty years after its initial release, Disemembodied Records in Argentina released this on cassette as well as on vinyl. JP



With a new label and new line-up, Severance has continued to add to their death metal legacy with 2006's "Suffering In Humanity".  Goregiastic Records out of New York took the initiative to sign the band for this release.  Artwork was done by a good friend, Larry Lyannas, and studio work was done, again, by Ernie B. at the Sound Playground.  It took a long while to get this disc recorded and finalized (approximately one year) because Ernie B. suffered a heart attack before the recordings were completed.  Severance has undergone many obstacles, but never one quite like this. Of course, things eventually reached completion, and the disc was a realization.  This line-up featured two newcomers to the family, Joe Dan de la Rosa on guitars, and Mike Mena on vocals, as well as previous members, Ralph Gutierrez on guitars, Abel Barrera on bass, and Jaime Perez on drums.  This disc contains 12 tracks ( which include a Pentagram cover ) and a bonus video at the end of the disc.  If you notice, it was approximately 5 years between the last two releases,efforts will be made to avoid this lengthy duration between releases. JP



This release was being contemplated for quiet some time, but we felt it would be fitting to release on the 20th Anniversary of Severance's genesis. December 2009 marked the release of Progression Towards Purgatory. This album contained most of our earlier stuff (I say most because the Procreation demo was not included-instead the songs from Procreation were re-recorded on the following release Afterbirth of Infamy and included from that release). Most of this material was recorded before the advent of the compact disc, so we thought it would be convenient to release our earlier material on CD instead of cassette/vinyl like the original format of these releases. There is one new song on this album, "Internal Inferno", to start off Progression..., and this version of the song is exclusive to this release. Joe Dan (guitars) composed some noise samples that make up the short intro to this release. Like our Suffering in Humanity album, Torch (Larry Lyannas) did the artwork, and like our ...what lies ahead re-release, Progression...was made possible by Sevared Records and Burning Dogma Records. Much has changed from Severance's early days, but it's important to remember where one comes from. We like to think of this release as "The History of Severance". In the meantime, Severance will continue to progress towards purgatory...JP




Although Severance had worked with Sevared Records out of New York on previous other releases, this was the band's first work with Sevared on a brand new, full-length album featuring completely new material. This album was released in early 2011 and self-recorded at vocalist, Mike Mena's house, hence the naming of the recording facility as the MENAce Studio. Mastering and post-production work was handled once again by Ernie B., who had worked with all of Severance's previous CD releases. The cover was done by legendary metal artist, S.V. Bell. Mr. Bell has bestowed the metal community with his CD artwork on bands such as Amorphis, Kataklysm, Gutted, and several more. Having since gone into horror/gore film production and no longer dabbling with CD artwork, S.V. graciously offered his services to Severance for one more artwork offering--the cover of The Truth in Question is the result. This album was recorded as a quartet and marked the first time Severance had recorded anything with only 4 members. Original guitarist, Ralph Gutierrez, left the band before a few of the songs from TTIQ were complete. This album includes 9 new tracks, one of which is an instrumental interlude constructed and performed by Severance guitarist, Joe Dan. As with our Suffering in Humanity release, Severance paid homage to one of its many influences by covering a song by Brazilian Thrash Metal Giants, Atomica. Our Brazilian brothers kindly allowed us to perform a medley of two of their songs, Marching Over Blood/Samurai. New material is already being worked on, and hopefully it won't take another 5 years to release the next album. JP



Severance has been a part of several cassette compilations in the past, but it took close to 25 years for the band to be featured on its first split-cd release. Corpse Gristle and Burning Dogma Records hand picked four Texas bands that they wanted to feature on their first ever TXDM, 4-way split, and their choices were Severance (McAllen), Empty Shell (Dallas), Demoniacal Genuflection (Houston) and Interment (Arlington). Each band ferociously offers 3 songs that will surely scorch and melt away any stubborn traces of solidified wax from one's ear canal. Severance chose to perform "Painfully Reborn", "Suffer the Children", and "Stripped of Innocence." Severance often performs "Painfully Reborn" live, but it was interesting to record the song in the studio and compare the two recorded versions side by side, especially since they were performed/recorded close to 20 years apart. The band had been toying with a few cover songs during rehearsals during this time, and since each band was asked to record a cover for this release, Napalm Death's classic "Suffer the Children" was Severance's song of choice. "Stripped of Innocence" is a new track that gives a small, yet flavorful morsel of what the band's upcoming 5th full-length album will offer. Although this song will be on the upcoming release, it will be re-recorded, making this version of the song exclusive to this split CD release. The digi-pack disc is available from all the featured bands, as well as through the two labels that helped make this possible. Pick up a copy and get a sample of what the Texas Death Metal Scene is all about. JP



Severance's fifth cd is another self-financed one. The Concession Continuum was released by the band in early 2018. This release took a couple of years to come out, but the final product justifies the wait. Eight new songs and one interlude comprise the band's 4th full-length album. Drums were recorded at Sound of Rain Studios by Charlie Vela; guitars and bass were recorded at Negative Audio Studios, and the vocals were done at the MENAcing Room. The line up for this release is Jaime Perez/drums, Abel Barrera/bass, Mike Mena/vocals, Joe Dan de la Rosa/guitars and Fernie Salinas/guitars. The album clocks in at about 40 minutes of Texas death metal. In addition to being released on cd, this album is self-released on gatefold vinyl, as well as on cassette through Ossuary Industries. Regardless of which format you prefer, make sure and pick this up without hesitation. The sound and delivery of this band has progressed over the decades; listen for yourself. JP 



We were approached to do another pressing of a Severance compilation much like our previous one titled Progression Towards Purgatory that we released back in 2009. This time we were approached by Huanquan Records out of China. This version was titled, Transmigration Reincarnation. The cover for this compilation was the same as our Salvation Denied EP, except we changed the color of the logo to coincide with a color on the Chinese flag (red). This release features our 1990 Demo (Procreation), our 1991 demo (Afterbirth of Infamy), our 1992 7-inch (Abysmal Ascent) and our self-released EP (Salvation Denied). The layout included many old photos from that time period as well as a lyric sheet with lyrics to our songs in English as well as with a Chinese translation. The CD came with the obligatory OBI strip that is often found on many Asian releases. This limited release can still be found here on this website through our webstore. JP