Texas Death Metal


Being a band for so long has given Severance the pleasure of meeting and making new friends on the road at shows.  This page is a visual archive of some of the brothers in metal we have crossed paths with over our 30 years of existence.  If anyone has relevant photos they would like to contribute to this page, please submit them, and they will be included.  For now, enjoy the page we like to call LEGIONS.  JP 

Belgian Brotherhood

Sven, vocalist for Belgium's Aborted, poses with JP for a quick pick during the Summer of Slaughter 2008 Tour. JP


Here is photo of Severance's JP with Cephalic Carnage's maniacal lead singer, Leonard (aka Lenzig).          


Here is a pic of me (JP) with fellow drummer Scott Creekmore from Lupara (ex-Numskull).  I've known this guy for half my life--the brotherhood continues.  JP

Pics with a couple of TX metal legends

Here are a couple of pics taken with two legendary members of the Texas scene taken on the same night.  These two legends are probably only recognizable by the "old schoolers" who were listening to metal in the '80s.  The picture on the left is Walt from Rotting Corpse with Severance's JP.  The picture on the right is Helstar's vocalist James Rivera with JP from Severance.  JP


Mike with some friends

Here is a pic of Mike with two other growlers.  On the left is the vocalist for the Meat Shits and on the right is the vocalist for Waco Jesus.  JP


New Legions

Here are a few shots of us at the Vader/Decapitated/Dew-Scented show in Corpus Christi, Texas on Thanksgiving Day of 2005.  On the left, we have Abel of Severance hanging with the Decapitated bassist.  On the right, we have Abel with the drummer for Vader.  JP


Below on the left, we have Mike from Severance with the Decapitated bassist and a stray fan who had nothing better to do.  On the right, we have all of Severance with the Decapitated bassist. JP


The Legions Continue!!!

Here are a couple group shots of most of the sickos who took part in the August 13th, 2005 show.  If you look closely, you will see members of Disgorge, Severance, Braced for Nails, Images of Violence, Belligerency, Degradation, and Cesspool.  JP


                                                                   JP from Severance and Serge from STMP/Belligerency


  Here are a couple of photos of Severance, Skinless and Despised Icon.



Jaime with Jason (Skinless)                                                                     Jaime with Noah (Skinless)



 Jaime with Ross and Rob (Immolation)                                                 Jaime with Alex and Steve (Despised Icon)




 Abel (Severance) with Adam (Machine Head)        Abel and Jaime (Severance) with Rob Flynn (Machine Head /Vio-lence)


                                                                               Jaime (Severance) with Phil (Machine Head/Violence)




Jaime (Severance) with Alex Dominguez (Killamora)              Jaime (Severance) with Gene (Angelcorpse-R.I.P.)



 Jaime (Severance) with Billy Milano (S.O.D./M.O.D.)                                  Jaime (Severance) with Brian (Regurgitation)  



Jaime (Severance) with Dave Kibler (Lividity)                 Members of Severance with members of Defiled from Japan



Jaime (Severance) with Rodney and Edward (Devastation-R.I.P.)        Jaime (Severance) with  Ruben

                                                                                                       Rigor Mortis Records) and Roland (Devourment Productions)      



Jaime (Severance) with Steve (Exodus)                       Jaime (Severance) with Drum God Gene Hoglan (Death/Dark Angel)



Members of Severance, Cephalic Carnage, Flesh Grind and Defiled     Jaime (Severance) with Joe (Hammer Whore)    



   Jaime (Severance) with Drum God Pete Sandoval (Morbid Angel)        Members of Severance with members of Infernal

                                                                                                                Dominion (R.I.P.)



    Jaime (Severance) with Jack Owen (Cannibal Corpse)            Jaime (Severance) with Terrance Hobbs (Suffocation)


         Jaime (Severance) with members of Plague (San Antonio)         Joe Dan (Severance) with Amon Amarth and Diabolic


             Joe Dan (Severance) with Glen Benton (Deicide)            Joe Dan (Severance) with Zamoth (Emperor/Zyklon)


       Joe Dan (Severance) with guitar great, Rusty Cooley         Joe Dan (Severance) with Corpsegrinder (Cannibal Corpse)