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Lyrics Page-The Truth in Question

It took a while, but it has finally been constructed. After several requests to create a Lyrics Page, it is here. I hadn't taken the request to heart because our lyrics are available on the CD's booklet, and I felt a Lyrics Page would be unnecessarily redundant. In addition, unless you're a lyricist like me, many people don't really care about the lyrics because it is often seen as secondary to the music; so I thought. That is where I was wrong; apparently the lyrics are important to many, myself included. Although I am not an avid music downloader, many of our supporters have acquired our music from download sites (some of them illegal sites--who cares) and therefore do not have our lyrics. For those interested, this page offers a golden opportunity for music downloaders to finally get to identify with every message of every song. In addition, (those of you with an actual The Truth In Question CD surely noticed) we realized that the CD booklet for our new album omitted some of the songs and repeated others. This was further justification to construct such a page. The lyrics are arranged in the same order as they are on the CD. In addition to the lyrics, I have kindly included a brief, italicized synopsis/inspiration for each song that you will not find in the CD booklet just to further inform the listener and anyone else who is interested. The views and opinions in our songs may or may not reflect the beliefs of those in Severance; therefore, all subject matter within our songs is intended to provoke thought, not incite argument. Read along, and memorize them so you can take the microphone away from Mike on stage and be our special, live guest vocalist. I hope you enjoy the Severance Scriptures, INDULGE...JP


Although the terms "euthanize" and "euthanasia" are not generally used in everyday conversation, I felt a song about this subject matter needed to be addressed, especially by a band like Severance whose lyrics are primarily humanistic/real-life based. Euthanize loosely means to take someone's life for reasons of mercy. Usually this entails ending the life of a person suffering from a disease or an illness. I can't help but associate Dr. J. Kevorkian when thinking of euthanasia because he arguably, single-handedly brought this to the front pages of global newspapers and to television screens on many newscasts. I have seen many loved ones pass, and although it may be never be agreed upon, I always felt that if one needed to be relieved of a painful life, that one should have the right to do so. Dr. Jack Kevorkian's unwavering stance on this, as well as the controversy behind the subject, "brought life" and inspiration to this song.  

Music: Severance  Lyrics: Perez

Resting in serene unrest

Partially existing

Enfeebled and despondent

Oppressive subsistence


Mechanical—false sustenance

Induced demise—life entrusted


Desist to exist—voiceless to express—desires or requests

Immobility—inability—lack of vitality


Automated respiration—synthetic persistence

Automated persistence—synthetic respiration


Options are optional

To live or to die will be chosen for you

Brains dead, soul lives

The body struggles to prevent collapsing


Pain is the norm—enervated

Released from misery—euthanized


To proceed so wretchedly would only seem to prolong the impending

The imminence, chilling embrace

Commence the fleshly ascension to nowhere



Salvation defined


Defined salvation


Confined in silence, embraced by darkness

Collapsed perception, degeneration

Your life now rests in the fateful hands of others

Choiceless, voiceless, soon to be lifeless




This song is basically about not letting anyone getting in the way of your hopes and/or aspirations. Humanity is filled with malicious and unpleasant people who try to bring you down or ridicule you for simply trying to live your life in the manner that you prefer. These despicable people are unable to ascend to greatness, so they attempt to descend and deflate the hopes of those around them by attacking their spirit with negativity and derision. Surely and unfortunately everybody knows at least one person who loves to set up barriers in attempt to hinder others; this song is a counterattack to those individuals. JP 


Music: Severance    Lyrics: Perez


Barren attempts have failed to repress me

My will will remain unconquered

Many have tried and several more will fail

To drown me in their seas of hate

Without mercy, pure vengeance will be imposed

Those who defy will be defied

Destroy your walls to clear my desired path

I will not rest until I’ve gone…

Beyond Barriers


Permeate through your barricades of jealousy

Fueled by abject resentment you feel for me

Advance unbounded

Persist above all

Achieved objectives

Unstoppable I’ve now become  (X2)


Impervious army of one- might unwavering

Steadfast, falling to none- ascending beyond

Unknown source of my abilities

You will be left hopelessly hopeless

Downpour of hate will pervade the skies

Beating until I no longer bleed


Defeat all adversaries

Resume with full force

Crushing all enemies

Ground them to the ground


Blatant aversion for those who doubt me

Feed off skepticism to nourish me

Endless perseverance until the end

Ignore all mockeries of ignorance


Lately, it seems as if every little eccentricity one discovers within one's self has a remedy or a pill that can eliminate this relatively harmless inconvenience. One only needs to flip through their TV channels late at night to witness the inundating collage of cures before their very eyes. A magic pill seems to exist for EVERYTHING (lack of sleep/too much sleep, lack of energy/too much energy, etc.), and it is often believed by many that these advertisements are nothing more than a subterfuge by the pharmaceutical companies to make people dependent on their product(s). Regardless of the truth behind the matter, this song is about how every little thing is now considered a disease, an illness, or a disorder with a pill that can cure every self-diagnosed malady. It goes without mention that there are some serious, painful and fatal conditions from which many unfortunately suffer; there is no argument there, but maybe a cure for cancer could be discovered if these companies were to fund campaigns to target primary concerns instead of secondary issues (or even tertiary issues) such as sexual libido. It's just a thought. Internal Inferno is about the all the hellish sicknesses (some serious and some not) that supposedly lie in most, if not all of us. JP 


Music: Severance   Lyrics: Perez


Helplessly living in disorder

Dwell in your solitary hell

Entangled with intangibles

Feeding the imagination


Seeing things nobody else sees

Feeling things nobody else feels

Another freakish statistic

To be studied and misperceived


Internal Inferno- paralyzing normalcy

Internal Inferno-proof that establishes mind over matter


Bi-polar, cognitive, obsessive compulsive

Psychosomatic, eating, post-traumatic stress

Attention deficit, hyperactivity

Sexual, impulse control, sleep, anxiety


Being alive is a disorder in itself

Revel in unsoundness


Bi-polar, cognitive, obsessive compulsive

Psychosomatic, eating, post-traumatic stress

Attention deficit, hyperactivity

Sexual, impulse control, sleep, anxiety


Decades of research produce little

Explore a world you can not travel

Live off hopeless expectations

Feed off scraps of stale pity


Alone to suffer in this nightmare

From which one will never awake

Compelled to remain in restraint

Burning in the flames of your own mental hell


Internal Inferno


Mental disorders’ bleak history

Fails to bring means to an end

Seeking a light of solution

Without searching


Stabilizing and maintaining

Never advance to a cure

Irremediable ailments

Heal-less healings


Sentiments beyond description

Sickness beyond remedy

Diagnosing life’s disorders

Is never-ending


Deafening sounds of unsoundness
Constantly resonating


Failed attempts to gather the many pieces of a shattered mind

On-going cycles of classifications breed redundancy

Viewing one’s life though the eyes of another-vicariousness


Masterminds confused and helpless- slaves of inability

Deterioration of mind’s serenity-mental decay

Penetrating the mind of the “un-normal”-mind rape


Surrender to disorder


This song was inspired by a hypothetical question/thought that crossed my mind one day. As a keen observer of my surroundings, it is not uncommon to see a multitude of visciousness, wantonness, hatefulness, sickness, or whatever you want to call it; so one day I asked myself: What if it was possible to be born malicious? If one can acquire heritable physical characteristics such as eye color, skin color, height, hair color, etc, from their parents/ancestors, then what if it could be possible to somehow inherit characteristics such as hatefulness, psychosis, racism, sexism, or the longing to kill another human? This song toys with this possibility and further explores the life of a such a person. There is nothing to cure, nothing to treat because this person's normalcy is hate and immorality in it's purest form. It wasn't learned; it was as inheritable as one's ethnicity. This concept gave birth to the lyrics in Marred Souls. JP  


Music: Severance    Lyrics: Perez


Foreknown to be condemned

Intrinsically foul

Deficient of righteousness

Oblivious to virtue



Birthed into wretchedness

Immoral core

Heartless hearts circulating

Vileness exudes

Marred Souls


Spreading from the inside out

Hopeless to improve

Seeking cures without diseases



(Repeat chorus)


Dishonesty spews from within

Hatred spews from within

Repulsiveness spews from within


No free will-damned to hell

Blackened skies-enshroud the light


No one’s to blame- innately vexatious

Detested ones- born into hatefulness

Future of flames- forever infernal 

You can’t correct what you don’t know is wrong (X2)


Menacing those who surround you

Crippling without even knowing

Oppressing- chronic unkindness

Disturbed has been re-defined

Unfit for salvation

Heavenly entry denied

Gates are locked- rejected

Unjust damnation




Naturally ill-natured

Wantonness resumes

Offensively defensive

Never to be rectified (X2)


Making life dreadful without a guilty conscience- inconsiderate of all

Planting the seeds of distress and unpleasantness- sucking the life out of all


No one’s to blame- innately vexatious

Detested ones- born into hatefulness

Future of flames- forever infernal

You can’t correct what you don’t know is wrong.



This song, although fiction in nature, could ( I suppose) be very real. In Ambivalent Reflections, we explore an individual's past, a past that brings ambivalence--happiness and sadness. I wrote this song with a "mirror effect", if you will. In other words, since a mirror reflects, and this song is titled Ambivalent REFLECTIONS, I decided to use a dichotomous viewpoint that expressed both sides (the reflection of the individual and the individual being reflected) throughout the song. One perspective of the song is a person who can't recollect much of his/her past, which leaves the person feeling dejected, lonely and discontent. On the other perspective, the same person feels that there is nothing left to reminisce about, and thefore feels inspired, fulfilled, and content with his/her past and realizes that his/her existence is the final chapter in the story of the family lineage. JP


Music: Severance   Lyrics: Perez


Reminisce about a past that triggers sheer melancholy

No ancestors and no descendants

Branches withered slowly

Blood ties are now unwound

This aging tree has been uprooted

Ambivalent Reflections


Reminisce about a past that triggers sheer felicity

Of ancestors and of descendants

Branches fully prospered

Blood ties survive through time

This ageless tree is now eternal

Ambivalent Reflections


Years of preservation led to isolation- Disconnected vestige

Left alone secluded absence of all kinship-Relative attrition

You have outlived all of your blood



With no one to share memories

With no one to call family


Sustaining cherished memories

Sustaining cherished family


Stagnant-bloodlines are bloodless

Sorrow-grins are inverted

Finished-lifelines are lifeless




Reflect on your past of shamefulness

A sterile future haunts you

Life’s slowly drifting away

There’s nothing to look forward to


Reflect on your past of contentment

The future brings fulfillment

To your cycle of being

You’ve concluded a legacy


This song is the album's instrumental track. Although there are no lyrics, the title suggests the possiblity of an individual's postmortem ascension to the skies that never ends, either because there is no heaven, or because the heavens deem this person unworthy. The listener decides. JP 


This song is based on another hypothetical, yet arguably realistic subject matter that crossed my mind after reading a book (whose title I can't remember for the life of me) about evil individuals throughout the ages. It covered all of history and chronologically led to more contemporary criminals such as Dahmer and Bundy. Although I detest this type of behavior and would never condone it, I conversely and for the mere sake of arguement asked myself, "What if these people were not aware that they were doing anything wrong?" "What if they were acting on mere impulses" One of the individuals in the book claimed that "God made him do the things he did." If this is so, one could easily question their mental stability, or lack thereof. This correlates in a way with the insanity plea often used with the judicial system. Immune to Immorality is a song about individuals who commit heinous and often brutal crimes but may not be truly aware that what they are doing is really disdainful. They may be lacking the prudence and humaneness that allows one to exist within society and therefore feel what they do is not wrong, only practical. They can't distinguish between right and wrong, moral and immoral. They are immune to the indecencies they committ, and are therefore Immune to Immorality. JP


Lyrics: Perez   Music: Severance


Heinous yet impassive

At one with impurity

Prudence is lacking


Norms unnatural

Habitual indecency

Patterns of fatality


Needs and desires

That fuel improprieties

Sickened beyond remedy


Continuously engaging in immoral deeds creates a loss of conscience

Immune to immorality

Continuously engaging in immoral deeds creates a loss of conscience


Violate, penetrate

Desecrate-the lives of many have been destroyed


Abnormal to some, normalcy to others

Cruelty beyond words, satisfied desires

Unsound enjoyment, revolting revelry

Sickness without end, pervasive perverseness  X2


Unaware, oblivious, sin in secrecy

Impulsive, repulsive, scum of society

Innocent, guilty, insane, irrelevant

Immune to immorality


The lyrics for this song(s) are NOT included because the song is not ours. This song is a cover (in case you couldn't tell) by one of our biggest influences, Attomica. We wanted to pay homage to this band for inspiring, not only Severance, but a multitude of thrash/death bands throughout the years. This Brazilian, legendary and under-rated band kindly gave us permission to record our version of their music, so we did. What we did was join two of their songs (since we couldn't decide on which song to cover since they were all shredders), and make it somewhat of an Attomica medley, by Severance. These songs can be found on their debut and self-titled album from 1987 (no, that is not a typo on the year)! Attomica is still alive and kicking, and much of their music can be found on various sites including youtube as well as on their myspace site http://www.myspace.com/attomicathrash. Check them out and educated yourself on one of Brazil's most insane and overlooked exports! JP


The title of this song is not a typo, but a "play on words" or a pun. It is a blending of the words "human" and "unkind", which phonetically sounds like "humankind" and therefore gives us "Hum-unkind". This song is about how wantonly unkind humankind can be. Most "lesser" animals kill for survival, in order to eat; on the other hand, humans often kill for greed, vengeance, personal gain, hate, etc. As I type this song synopsis, there have probably been multiple acts of unkindness committed around the globe from one human to another. It can be argued that humanity has become inhumanity. The hate and cruelties that man afflicts upon one another are the inspiration for Hum-unkind. JP


Music: Severance   Lyrics: Perez


Saturated fabric of humanity

Drenched in blood for far too many cease senselessly

Guiltfull and the guiltless both contributing

Blemishes of rusting crimson still unravel

Failure to accept natural diversity

Resort to unnatural methods of coercion

Defacing the beauty of humankind

Reasoning unreasonably self-assertion


Supposed lower forms of existence treat each other more humanely than humans

Dehumanization    X2


The acquired ability to understand others gives rise to misunderstanding

The acquired ability to love others gives rise to loathing others


Human cruelty is taught and learned

The unnatural becomes natural

Habitual impulses

Instincts can not be forgotten

Violent spontaneity

Ingrained, ingrown, iniquity

Primitive misbehavior

Forsakes progress, recurs barbarism



Torture, sever, dismember

Mutilate, suffocate, strangulate

Beheading, destroying, pummeling

Cruelty, brutality, and fatality X2


Unkindness continues on…