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Lyrics Page- The Concession Continuum

Here is a lyrics page for our newest album, The Concession Continuum. If you purchase the vinyl or cd format, lyrics are included; but for those of you who no longer purchase physical copies of music (shame on you!! jk), here is a lyrics page for you to sing along on your electronic devices. In addition to the lyrics for each song, I've included a brief synopsis of each song to further enlighten the listener about the topic/inspiration for each song. Like all of our other songs, THE VIEWS AND OPINIONS EXPRESSED IN OUR SONGS MAY OR MAY NOT REFLECT THE OPINIONS OF THOSE IN SEVERANCE; THEREFORE, ALL SUBJECT MATTER WITHIN OUR SONGS IS INTENDED TO PROVOKE THOUGHT, NOT INCITE ARGUMENT. ENJOY...JP

Conceding to Consequence

(The inspiration for "Conceding to Consequence" came from the potential anger that victims of a crime might feel towards the individual(s) who wronged them. Some victims act on their emotions and cross the line from humane to the inhumane while the majority often stay on the humane side by restraining themselves, not necessarily because they are good or decent people but because they realize that acting on such an act of revenge may lead to punishment, public humiliation, incarceration or death. For many people, the only thing stopping them from crossing the fine line that separates good from bad are the consequences that follow such behavior. This song is about the victims who foster indignation towards the one(s) who has wronged them because they realize they must contain their vengeful emotions and keep the hate hidden inside their concealing shell. Even though their hate may be justified, they hold back from retaliating only because they are afraid of what might happen next...they are victims once again, because they are "Conceding to Consequence". )

Music: Severance
Lyrics: Perez

Desire for revenge
Hindered by consequence
A system of passive acceptance
Constantly punishing the victims
Struggle for righteousness
Natural reaction

Imprisoned confined in compliance, afflictive irony
Sequestered by the frail line that divides reaction from retraction
Conceding to consequence

Famished-a vengeance remains unfed
Forced to-contain feverish enmity
Hunger-for a fitting reprisal
Obliged-to feeble passivity

A resounding unsoundness lingers, echoes within
Stifling predicament-Torment-Quandary
A resounding unsoundness lingers, echoes within
Distorted compromise, failure to compensate
A resounding unsoundness lingers, echoes within

Unable to proceed

Bound by a system of incompleteness
Imposing submission on those who've been wronged
Long for satisfaction left with emptiness
Straining to remain unrealistically tolerant

Violating the violated
Deflating any hopes of resilience


("Myopic" is a fancy word for "near sightedness", but it can also mean "narrow-minded". Both definitions are fitting for this song's meaning. "Myopic" is about how many of us complain about matters that the lesser fortunate would consider trivial. We are used to a life with water, food, health, etc., but many people struggle to acquire these basic necessities. Because we don't see these people with our own eyes, we don't realize how well we have things. If we would just look a little farther, beyond the walls of ungratefulness, we would notice that we have it much better than others. When we complain about material luxuries while others in impoverished areas struggle to find clean water, medical attention, or crumbs of food, we are near sighted; we are "Myopic".) 

Music: Severance

Lyrics: Perez

The ideal life that burdens thee

Is out of reach for many

Millions you can’t see suffering

The life you lead they only see in dreams


Deprived of luxuries

Unrelenting grief

As far as one can see


Misfortune permeates aggressively

Hunger, disease, mortality

Your fruits of life grow sour

A savor others would devour


Deprived of luxuries

Unrelenting grief

As far as one can see




Wanting more than you need

Taking more feed your greed





Near-sighted convenience

Out of sight, out of mind



Your so-called struggle, does not compare to the duress of the ill-fated.

Your first-world blindness stupefies.

Mass introversion, leaves true misfortunes unperceived.

The worlds outside yours, live with nothing die with nothing.


Amenities non-existent

Diseases expected

Necessities scarce

The present looks dismal, the future looks worse


Unhealthy conditions

Abominations abound

Lack-luster existence

Survival—a struggle that’s never ending


Unchanging dichotomy

Imbalanced, unparalleled


Corrupted mentality

Insatiable, never pleased

Relinquish the vanity

See beyond yourself







Silenced Insolence

("Silenced Insolence" is basically about people who pretend they are good people by never saying anything to harm others, but deep down inside, they have nothing but hate and disgust for others. Their insolence is silenced, but they are hardly a better person than he who hates and is vocal about it. One can truly hate another individual but never say anything regarding this. This song addresses this and goes on to convey that just because you don't verbally state your aversion for someone/something, doesn't mean you aren't hateful. Hate is hate, whether you say it or not; keeping your bitter feelings unexpressed and to one's self is a "Silenced Insolence".) 

Music: Severance

Lyrics: Perez

Concealed stench of bigotry

Filthy mouth, shut to mask the stink

Distaste for diversity

Unvoiced views, locked within a narrow mind


Your introversion is intentional- taciturnity

Your intolerance is unwarranted-latency

Surreptitiously conniving-stealthily

Secretive, clandestine- perversity


Concealed stench of bigotry

Filthy mouth, shut to mask the stink

Distaste for diversity

Unvoiced views, locked within a narrow mind


A covert version of aversion

Antipathy deserves no sympathy


A different lifestyle, hated but never stated

A different shade of skin, hated but never stated

Hidden dislike—silenced insolence

A different religion, hated but never stated

A different culture, hated but never stated

Hidden dislike—silenced insolence



A furtive hypocrisy that remains nurtured…will never disappear

A furtive hypocrisy that remains nurtured…will never fade

A furtive hypocrisy that remains nurtured…will never cease


Unspoken hate is still hatred disguised

Embrace all, accept all, become humane

The Idle Idol

("The Idle Idol" delves into the minds of individuals who put their faith in a system and/or who are devout to a deity, leader, charismatic individual, demi-god, etc. expecting a vibrant and satisfying life but never quite attaining a complete sense of happiness. They wait in hopes of a rebirth or a change for the better, but nothing seems to transpire. They remain patient and hopeful while they simultaneously become downtrodden and disappointed, yet always optimistic of the idol(s) they follow. Hope and faith are quintessential components for obsequence, especially when one honors an (The) Idle Idol".)

Music: Severance
Lyrics: Perez

Wasting in stagnancy

Servile to thee, ever loyal

Austere idolatry

Reaching above, sinking below

Hopeful, yet discontent

Masses ensnared, overtaken

Damaging deference

Unwholesome adoration leads to self-pity


Weakened state of existence

Regressive tendencies- glorification

Motionless with emotion


Stationary—idle idol


Weakened state of existence

Regressive tendencies-glorification

Motionless with emotion


Stationary—idle idol


Overblown, over-hyped exaltation

Undeserved, untested deification X2


Deflating, self value

Inflating, megalomania X2


Hindering masses for a greater good

Exploiting credulity


Recruitment into grand fallacies

Armies of forced destiny

The idle idol


(This song title is another pun, or play on words, that we like to use when it is afforded. The  word "sympathetic" is purposely hyphenated to accentuate the word "pathetic". This song discusses the pathetic sympathy that might be publicly fostered by certain individuals who have a tainted past. An example of this may be the abusive husband who receives sympathy or tolerance for his behavior because his father was abusive, too. Using reprehensible past experiences as an excuse for one's future behavior is a recipe for a cycle of continued wrongfulness. This is just one of many examples where pathetic sympathy is rampant. When this type of deleterious acceptance and harmful tolerance is perpetuated, we are being "Sym-pathetic".) 

Music: Severance

Lyrics: Perez

Defilement of responsibility

Seeking a catalyst to blame

Past misfortunes and harmful consequences

Reciprocation justified


Act without conscience

Wrongful affliction

Lack of compassion

Void of benevolence


Inability to suppress ill will

Excuses surface and suffice

Blameless wretch abject and pitiful

Another victim is oppressed


Absolved from all indecencies

A mind disturbed can not be blamed

Luxuries afforded by science

Repetitive repulsiveness


Pardoning perversity

Blaming adversity

Perniciousness nurtured

Unnatural nature


Pathetic Sympathy X 4


Social sympathy- Social empathy

Selfish- Empty

Guilty- Depraved

Cruelty accepted- Cruelty expected


Masses in acceptance

Validated deviance

Inhumane savagery

Shameful submission

Draining the scapegoat

Undeserved pity

Genetic anomaly

Biological failure


Sucking the life out of the innocent

Abusing again and again

Defeat the urge- Conquer the temptation

Release the past, proceed ahead…

Stripped of Innocence

(This song was the first we had written for The Concession Continuum album, and it's meaning/inspiration is quite simple. It is basically about the church's (primarily the Catholic Church) cover up of thousands of reported cases of sexual abuse committed by priests/ministers. For decades, the church had been cloaking these accusations, and nothing was being done to reprimand the priests...until just recently. The song is filled with metaphor and symbolism. For example, the 3 snare hits that start off the song are representative of the holy trinity (the father, the son and the holy ghost.) The children who were unfortunately victims of these perverse and unspeakable transgressions are forever "Stripped of Innocence".)

Music: Severance

Lyrics: Perez


Deprived of comforting naivety

Obligated, pre-mature maturity

Firmly choked by the paternal hand of desire


Stained glass beclouding indecency

Manipulation of mind, body and soul

The secret genesis of penal servitude


Blemishing the rotting purity within

Tarnishing, withering wholesomeness

Defiled devotee on his knees delivering glory



Self-serving yearning

Salacious pleasures

Carnal implosion


Adverse reaction

To forced repression

Sin embodied


Born in sin, serve in sin, die in sin

Stripped of Innocence (X2)


Moral weakness

Stimulated by temptation

Nonexistent divine intervention


Sin beyond repentance


Flock of secrecy

Leaden wings decaying

Elder lunacy




Cultivating seeds of sodomy

Swallowing more than pride

Turning the cheek to feed one’s ignorance

Prepare for the second coming


Hideous and inexcusable

Wrongful rite of passage

Trespassers of sacred ground

Fellowship of reprobates


Covered up indecencies

Iconic conspiracies

Adolescent butchery

Undeserved forgiveness

En Tiempos Muertos

(It has been several years since we had written a song with Spanish lyrics, so we decided to give it a go for this album once again; the result was "En Tiempos Muertos". The title translates in English to "in dead times". As one might presume, the song is about what many feel happens after life, which is nothing. The song basically states that death is the absence of life and all the emotions, feelings, etc. that accompany life. There is no time, no fear, no pain, no love, nothing...just a glorious end, a grand finale that should be relished as such. When all burdens of life are eliminated and nothing but darkness remains, that is when you are "En Tiempos Muertos".  

Music: Severance

Lyrics: Perez

Despues de vida, no hay sensacion

La luz no existe, intemporal oscuridad


El gran final no deja nada

En el fin, el tiempo se para

Sentimientos desprovistos

La felicidad falta



Sufrimiento perdido

Sustancia perdida

Recuerdo perdido

Conciencia perdida


Tiempos Muertos, Tiempos Muertos


(Repeat Chorus)


Abraza—la nada que rodea

Acepta—la verdad sin apprehension

Entrega—a la muerte gloriosa

Descanza en paz


La ofrenda de la vida…es una muerte bienvenida.

El final es mayor que…la suma de sus partes.


Por mucho tiempo, una esperanza absurda para la eternidad continua.

Tenemos que aceptar la realidad, nada espera cuando hayamos terminado.


La muerte no…es mas que el…comienzo de…un reino perfecto

La muerte no…es mas que el…comienzo de…un reino perfecto…de la nada

La muerte no…es mas que el…comienzo de…un reino perfecto

La muerte no…es mas que el…comienzo de…un reino perfecto…de la nada

Dying Aspirations

(The last song written for this album was "Dying Aspirations", and it ended up being the last song on the album. This song is about the lack of desire to live when one has drowned themselves in bad decision after bad decision. The fictitious individual in this song is losing the desire to live more and more each day because of the crippling position he has put himself in. This dire result can be brought on by various situations, but the specific situation that motivated me to write about one whose aspirations in life have died is drug abuse. It is not uncommon for one who is slowly crawling through a disappointing life to lose all hope and therefore no longer have any aspirations; hence, "Dying Aspirations".) 

Music: Severance

Lyrics: Perez

Bound by necessity

Choices have been made, begrudgingly

Simple ambitions are far from reach

Your bland existence, a travesty---Dying Aspirations


All hope that once shone bright

Swallowed by darkness, voraciously

Nothing to strive for

Live day by day, and die night by night, a travesty—Dying Aspirations


Sustenance-is now a primal concern

Desire-a luxury that is no longer feasible

Misery-eclipses all hopefulness

Acceptance-dreams have gone from unlikely to non-existent (X2)


Limited by circumstances

Confined by consequences

Commitment to survival


Bound by necessity

Choices have been made, begrudgingly

Simple ambitions are far from reach

Your bland existence, a travesty---Dying Aspirations


Poor decisions abound

Pave a path that leads to discontent

A less-than-ideal life

Imperative minimalism (X2)


Daily constraints that permeate

Escalation of disappointment

The more you live, the more you die

Asphyxiation through respiration


Wretchedness, worthlessness, hopelessness, forlornness




Daily constraints that permeate

Escalation of disappointment

The more you live, the more you die

Asphyxiation through respiration