Texas Death Metal

Severance Show Recaps

This page is designated to inform all those who were unable to attend our shows of exactly how things went that evening.  Everytime we do a show, there will be a new posting a day or two after the show.  So read on, and see how crazy things can be on the road.  JP

Mini-Texas Tour with Misery Index (Mission, Corpus Christi, and Houston, Texas

Wed. March 10/ Smokin' Aces (Mission, Texas) : Considering this show was on a Wednesday, the Valley crowd still came out to represent. The show started later than usual, and of course, yours truly had to cut our set short by one song to compensate for the delay. It was great to see some old/new friends (Joe Theiry, Marcos, Noe, Gabriel) at this show, and merchandise sales were off the charts. Noe from Santa Rosa was finally able to get his 1990 Severance demo, Afterbirth of Infamy, and our 7" record from 1992 signed by the band. This was the first time Severance members have had to stop our performance to sign some autographs that apparently couldn't wait until the conclusion of our performance. Mike (our vocalist) almost incited a riot by throwing 10+ cds into the crowd (anything to get a mosh pit going!!!). Periwinkle Massacre (Corpus Christi) and Pacifist (Louisiana) supplied the crowd with their aggressive Grindcore, and these two bands were super cool throughout the tour. Check out both of these bands' myspace sites, and witness their aural terror. Severance, Carrion Kind, Disgraced by Faith and Eternal Crown supplied the local talent. Of course, Misery Index, was the headliner that all were waiting for. Staying on hand until 1:00am on a Wednesday to witness Misery Index seemed to be quite a challenge for the local crowd, but those who managed left the venue very content. Thanks to the staff at Smokin' Aces for keeping the service continuous and for contributing to the likelihood of us acquiring high blood pressure by serving us the most salty-peppered hamburgers on the face of the planet. If there were government restrictions on the amount of salt that any given meal could contain, these burgers would have definitely surpassed the limit.
Thur. March 11/Ayers Events Center (Corpus Christi, Texas) Although all the bands would have agreed that the Corpus Christi show was the weakest of the 3 dates, there were some noteworthy anecdotes to pass forth. Unfortunately, the best part of this show was the venue itself. Although fit for bigger events such as weddings and quinceñeras, this venue was super clean (especially the restrooms, which is odd for metal show venues). The sound guys got off their butts and took care of business. I still don't understand why Severance had to play first, but we took one for the team/tour. The total number of band members who performed this evening easily outnumbered the number of fans in attendance. All the bands got on stage and performed their guts out to the diminutive crowd that numbered no more than all my phalanges put together. Misery Index closed the show with a Terrorizer cover that layed all 5 people in the crowd to waste. The after show party at Tommy's house by the ocean was insane!! Never before have I been in a home that has 3 refrigerators in the kitchen. Misery Index and Severance were treated to enchiladas, home-made venison/wild pig sausage (killed and prepared by Tommy himself), rice, pasta and other consumables. All this eating at approximately 4:00 AM!!!! Tommy's hospitality was way beyond expectation (I hope your hand is better from the oil burn you received during the preparation of our meals). Everything we wanted...Tommy had for us. Had we not left when we did, we would have likely gone sleepless for the night...with a lengthy and arduous drive to Houston still before us. 
Fri. March 12/ Walter's on Washington (Houston, Texas) We don't know what exactly got into the Houston scene on the night of our show, but they made up for all the previous lame turnouts we have had in Houston. This was our 3rd time playing at Walter's on Washington, so we were expecting a little more of the same disappointment...NOT THIS TIME!!!! Along with Mission's show, this show was arguably the most memorable of our 3 dates. Considering that Misery Index chose to perform earlier than normal (between bands on the bill), those who stayed made it worthwhile. Kill the Client (newly signed to Relapse) from Dallas, Texas was added to the bill. Our friends in Periwinkle Massacre were not a part of this performance, yet Pacifist tore it up as they had the previous evenings. Misery Index got to play a full set this time, and crowd movement was very consistent. This is the first time in Severance history that a member of the crowd has crowdsurfed...ON A BARSTOOL!!!!!!! It was enjoyably peculiar to see a guy holding on tightly and sitting on a barstool that is being carried/thrown/tossed by people getting off to our music. In Houston, there is this guy (we don't know his name) who goes to all the shows even though he is confined to a wheelchair. It was great to see him there again...in the very front!!!!!  The sound guys in Houston gave us an incredible sound. These dudes knew exactly what they were doing. Cheers to you fellas. A few of our Houstonian friends were unable to make it, but those in attendance had our backs. Long-time Severance fan, Dave, was totally stoked to finally meet us after 20 years of digging Severance. Of course, the after show meals at Denny's/IHOP always provide the icing on the cake. Yes, this tour was a memorable one. Thanks to Joaquin/Dead Gift Entertainment and Tommy "It's in the Rider" for taking care of all the tour specifics. Good luck to our brothers in Misery Index and Pacifist with the rest of the tour. JP


Goregrowler's Ball/ San Antonio (11-14-09)

Those of you who have been keeping up with the band are familiar with the fact that we have become a quartet after being a quintet for so many years. This is taking some time to adjust, but becoming a trio is something we definitely will never get used to. This seemed to be the case in San Antonio at the 3rd Annual Goregrowler's Ball. The festival seemed to be very organized and on schedule. We were ready to perform, and were waiting for the band on the other stage (there were two stages) to finish their performance. The second we begin our set, Abel's bass just gives out!!!!! For the remainder of the show, we pretty much performed as a 3-piece (Mike, Joe Dan and me). No bass for the entire set!!!!! Our intentions were to perform 5 songs, but this unforeseen misfortune compelled us to shorten our set by one song. Even though we were not 100%, the response from the crowd was still very favorable, especially from those 3 girls who stayed in the front the whole time banging their heads and inadvertently spilling beer all over themselves. The crowd was a good representation of the various Texas scenes, with the majority being musicians from other bands scheduled to perform. Thanks to Aaron for inviting us to this fest once again, and for providing us with a drum kit and guitar cabinets to perform on. J.R., bassist for Engaged in Mutilating, tried to help Able out with the bass situation with no luck. Thanks for helping out bro. It was great to see many of our good friends there (Brian from Ossuary Industries, Link from Thornspawn/Butchered Saint, Dobber from Demoniacal Genuflection, etc.). Thanks to Tim for looking over merchandise during our performance. The meal at Denny's afterward helped compensate for the evening's disappointing occurrences. Thanks to the US Border Patrol for not detaining us at the checkpoint like they did the last time we played upstate. Hopefully next time we perform we won't have to do it as a trio...  JP


Metropolis- McAllen, Texas/ 10-30-09

It had been about a year since we played at Metropolis (I believe the last time was upstairs with Pyrexia), so we were really looking forward to playing here again. Anyway, local metalheads and punkers (approximately 75) in attendance were given a "treat" that would definitely hold them until next Halloween. I arrived to the venue a little late, so we all missed Keg Party. Next on the bill was Quad Theory (Alex Lunatic's band). They poured out their style of thrash metal to the audience in attendance. I must admit that I had never heard this band before, but there was plenty of memorable riffs to keep listeners pleased. Alex has a good thing going here. Porkeria played next and threw in some commercial-sounding punk. Not really heavy, but still partially aggressive. I like to call this type of punk, playful punk. NOT the kind of punk that Confused spews out, but more on them later. Severance went on next. We started with a tune from our Salvation Denied CD that we rarely play anymore, "Holocausto Obscurro." From then on, much of the crowd was banging in unison with the Severance crew. This "order of bands" was not the original plan of the evening, but there always seems to be a band or two that can not keep their part of the show's original arrangements. Rob from Satanic Torment and Al from Confused fixed this up really quick. In our 20+ years of playing live, I don't recall ever having a viking, a monk, and a member of KISS in attendance at one of our shows, but it happened on this night!!! The crowd may not have been very big, but it was active and loud. I want to thank Arnold (again) for supplying his kit for the evening. A few of our close friends (Debbie, Rene, Roy from Laredo, Mario Garza, Desiree Sandoval from Brownsville, Chris Williams, etc.) made it out to support all the bands. Things felt really good on stage, and we actually managed to play our complete set (even though the show started a little late). Satanic Torment (formerly Satanical Torment), which you may have seen at the Deicide show a few weeks back, took the stage and blasted their unholy tunes that put them at the forefront of the Valley Black Metal Scene. This band is getting tighter and tighter with every performance. That comes as no surprise with Arnold keeping the timing for this quartet. Lastly, the return of Confused was highly-anticipated. The few loyal who were left in attendance after 1:00 am got to witness Confused shred it up in a way many hardcore bands have abandoned or are no longer able to. Listening to their version of Anthrax's "Metal Thrashing Mad" was a pleasant surprise. This is off Anthrax's debut "Fistful of Metal", and yes, Al from Confused landed all the yells/screams to perfection. Seeing Confused without founding member Omar Yanez was a little "CONFUSing" for me, but new bassist Nikki (Sixx) Valdez fit in like a snug glove. It usually takes a significant amount of time for many bands to accomplish an impressive level of chemistry to ensure a tight and cohesive performance, but Confused has managed to accomplish this instantly. It speaks volumes when a band can keep a crowd pitting/moshing until passed 2am!!! Those of you who left early did not deserve to witness this performance, and those of you stayed regretted nothing. Deathscum, Red Barn and RGV Extreme took a chance at doing a show on the Friday before Halloween, but the chance was well worth it. Hopefully more shows will take place in this "sardine container" because there is a lot of history at this venue. Only time will tell if these events will continue here, but if they do continue to take place at Metropolis, this scene will benefit greatly. JP


Smokin' Aces- 10-8-09

There is only one way to describe a show when your vocalist has to take prescription-strength painkillers the day after performing to help ease the pain of headbanging-induced back spasms: INSANE. Deadgift Entertainment needs to be commended for a smooth-running show. There were at 200 people at this show, all cramped and elated to be part of this event. DDS Productions (what's up Derek Sanchez) supplied a full and heavy sound for all bands. Yes, there were a few technical difficulties, but when isn't there any?? Dogma Hollow was added to the bill, and they got things underway with their brand of unique, South Texas metal. We went on next and actually got to finish a complete set this time. There has been an unfortunate tendency in the past few gigs of being asked to cut our set shorter than anticipated, but Joaquin from Deadgift Entertainment kept things in order and flowing at a favorable pace. Thanks to Arnold from Satanical Torment for supplying his drumkit to all the local bands. Slow Grind Jon helped out with sound and did a great job- even our video recording sounding amazing!!! Satanical Torment went on after us and displayed exactly why they have "Satanical" in their name. Satan would have left the show with a grin on his face after seeing these sickos. Desolation ended up dropping at the last minute. Jungle Rot kept the pits going with their slow, chunky style of old school death metal. I only wish they would have played "Immersed in Pain." Deicide started of with 3 or 4 songs in a row, as if they were on crack!!! They pleased fans of new Deicide as well as old Deicide. Both Jungle Rot and Deicide played good-sized sets of at least 8-10 songs each. The craziness subsided at approximately 1:30AM. Hanging out with our old and new friends (including Daemon Benton, Glen Benton's son) was sick. Severance supporters once again purchased merchandise galore!!! That is always appreciated. Thanks to Mario Garza for helping out with merchandise sales. Thanks to the new blonde-haired waitress at Smokin' Aces who purchased a girl's tee shirt and sported it with pride while supplying local metalheads with refreshments (sorry I didn't get your name, but you rock anyway!!). One of the bartenders kept hooking me up with complimentary pineapple juice after our performance to help keep me alive and hydrated. That was super cool. He must have hooked me up about 7 times. It can safely be assumed that every band left Smokin' Aces content and satisfied with their performances (even Dogma Hollow with their 15-minute, pre-performance, technical difficulty delay-it happens bros.). Keep up to date with any other performances at this very site. Stay metal...see you soon. JP


Texas Rose: 6-17-09/ Weslaco, Texas

Playing this type of venue and playing in Weslaco were two "firsts" for Severance. To be honest, we didn't know what to expect, but the metalheads at Texas Rose proved to be pretty insane. I don't know if it was due to the music or due to Innocence, Donna and Enya's dancing skills, but this event went very well regardless of the reason. Thanks to Manny and the Black Silent Malignant boys for inviting us to take part in this interesting event. Greek Danny once again was a life saver in both sound and assistance with equipment (thanks bro.). Two of the girls who work at Smokin' Aces were up front through the whole Severance set supporting like crazy-this must be recognized and appreciated. Because the stage also housed the DJ's area, it was a little congested on stage. I guess the drums didn't help much. This may have been one of the reasons Abel dropped his beer during the 3rd song, and it was definitely the reason Jon unintentionally hit Innocence on the head with his guitar while she was dancing on stage. Wednesday shows aren't known for their lively and energetic crowds, but this Wednesday's event dispelled that notion. Texas Rose is doing its part to help the metal scene by allowing such extreme metal to be performed in their establishment; hopefully, they will continue to feed the scene with a much-needed venue for shows. If asked to return, I am pretty sure Severance wouldn't hesitate. Until then...JP


Sunday, March 22, 2009- Nite Bar/McAllen, Texas

The last time we were scheduled to open for Vital Remains, things didn't go so well. As a matter of fact, they didn't even get the chance to go well--we ended up having to drop due to the show starting too late and difficulties with the sound arrangements. It was nice to get the chance to make up for this. This night proved to may a very interesting/memorable night. First of all, it was the first time we had ever played at Night Bar (or any of the other bars that this place used to be), and  it was a night of many "firsts". The show was supposed to begin at 7:00 but didn't start until closer to 8:30. Black Silence Malignant began with their ecclectic style of black(?) metal. During their set, Ruby (Jon's,our guitarist, girlfriend) ended up being attacked by some guy she doesn't even know. What looked at first like a violent pit, was actually Jon trying to defend his girlfriend from the blows of some guy who probably weighed twice as much as she did. After escorting the instigator outdoors (which took 5 guys), Black Silence Malignant continued for approximately 40 minutes. We went on 2nd. We were supposed to get a 30-minute set but ended playing about 20 minutes instead. This trend of cutting us short is beginning to get old; it seems to happen quite often, so we played 4 songs instead of 5. Approximately 30 seconds into the first song, all power goes out (maybe the music was too heavy??? haha). This had never happened before in the U.S. It did occur in Mexico back in 1993, but the silence was remedied by yours truly performing a 5-minute drum solo while the power resumed. After less than a minute, the power came back at Night Bar for us to complete our set. After our performance, Mike and Jon were putting the guitar cabinets in Mike's truck, and some guy opens the truck door and starts looking around the front seat and glove compartment for something to steal. This dude must have been on something to attempt to steal from an accompanied vehicle. After confronting the would-be thief, he continued to attempt opening other vehicles in the parking lot. Finally, he was confronted by the owner of the bar and asked to leave the premises. The culprit left but not after uttering obscenities and angrily displaying various gang signs to the bar's owner. Scarabeus took the stage after us with their lengthy set (close to 40 minutes), which was supposed to be the same duration as ours, and continued pleasing the pit-hungry crowd. Because this show was on a Sunday, most of us had to leave to begin our work week on a restful note, so we missed Gigan and Vital Remains. The crowd of approximately 100+ heads was active all night. Thanks again to all those who purchased merchandise and came out to support death metal on the holiest of days. Thanks to Abram Herrera for being a bouncer, roadie, beer taster, security, and everything else he did that night. Thanks to Dead Gift for allowing us to make up for the first time Vital Remains was here (maybe we can get a complete set as promised next time???!!!). Keep up to date with this site to see what is up next for Severance...JP       


February 26, 2009- Smokin' Aces

Our 2nd time playing at Smokin' Aces proved to be just as incredible, if not more, as the 1st time. I don't think I have ever seen Smokin' Aces as packed as I did on February 26, 2009. With the exception of some drum trigger difficulties (again!!), the entire evening went smoothly. Once again, Slow Grind John saved the day by lending me his bass drum mics and his china cymbal (I'll get my own soon John!!). Thanks to everyone who bought merchandise at the show in support of Severance. Ramiro and Arnold did a great job with sound for the evening. We wouldn't have been a part of the Southern Noise Party if Slow Grind Memo hadn't invited us, so thanks to you as well brother. It was great to see a lot of our friends there, especially for being on a Thursday night. Hails to Vanessa Rodriguez, Jennifer, Sammy (the wheelchaired bandit), Annette de Leon (Let's blow shit up!!), Venessa (all the way from Corpus), Thom and Diana, Leo Rodriguez, Roy (Border Patrol Battallion), Sal and Mari Ramos, the Life Skills (or is it Life's KILLS??) crew: Christina, Brandi, Armin and my brother Albert, Noelia, Sam, Bonnie, Mark Posada, Lupe Rivera, and several more I can't seem to remember. Seeing this many friends all at once creates a sense of euphoria that makes it difficult to recall everything. This was the first time Severance performed as a quintent for several months. Those of you in attendance got to see our new member Jon Trevino. Having learned 5 songs in one month, Jon took the stage and displayed his prodigious skills with flawless results. This is definitely one of the strongest line-ups Severance has ever had in its 20 years of performing. One of the main reasons this show went down is to celebrate Al del Barrio's (Confused vocalist) birthday. Happy Birthday brother!!! (I won't tell anybody that you're 40!!!) Every band performed impressively. Slow Grind tore it up as always with Memo's unparalleled stage presence. Confused always takes the crowd back a few years with their brand of hardcore that is sorely missed in today's music. Throne of My Master performed for the first time that evening, and there is no doubt that you will be hearing much more of them. Fucked with a Chainsaw started off the evening and did a nice getting things started (sick vocals!!). In case you hadn't noticed, Mike (our vocalist) almost killed the whole band by stepping in a bucket of water while we were performing and spilling it on a stage full of wires/cables. But we survived the immersion, and we will be on stage again, soon. JP                       


Newman's (McAllen) August 3rd, 2008

Our 2nd show at Newman's was another incredibly invigorating experience. The night began with Mike's (yes, our vocalist continues his polygamous ways with yet another band!!) cover band. After that, old-school thrash band Black Tooth Grin took the stage for about 30 minutes. These guys will begin playing a lot more frequently, so look for this band if your into old-school, original thrash. Our brothers in Confused took over with their "true hardcore" sound. Severance had not played with these guys since the early '90s, and our first time sharing the stage was back in 1987 when Severance was known as Rest in Pain!!!!  How's that for a bit of trivia!!!???  Confused caused no confusion, but only delivered sheer hardcore pleasure like the hardcore giants that have influenced them  (Cro-Mags, DRI, Suicidal Tendencies, and several more). If none of these bands sound familiar to you, then you really haven't experienced "true hardcore." Arnold, Scooter, Al and Omar, in my opinion, are the best line-up that Confused has ever had. Listening to this band again was like a temporary reversion to my high school days (except I still managed to keep my present-day wrinkles). They have a new CD out with 21 tracks, some studio, some live. Pick it up, NOW!!! Contact information is included at the end of this recap.
Those of you who have kept up with the latest from the Severance Camp well know of Ralph's departure from the band. Well, this was not going to stop us from doing the best we could with four members. Let's do the math (pull out your calculators if needed), two guitarists minus one guitarist is equivalent to 12 strings minus 6 strings, giving us 6 strings from which to deliver our live madness. Although this is a big compromise for Severance, we did what we had to do. The compromise did not end there. Within the first song, Joe Dan "Don't worry, I know music theory" de la Rosa, popped two strings!!!  Let me rephrase that again for those who think I may have committed a typing error: he freaking popped two strings simultaneously!!! In the multiple centuries that the guitar has existed, this has probably only happened twice before, probably to Jesus Christ with his Christian band and to Julius Caesar with his death metal band before his convincing victory over Pompey. Add August 3rd (technically the 4th) to that list of unexpected, unlikely events. If anyone can bullshit himself around the guitar and find a way to compromise, it is Joe Dan, who miraculously managed to perform over 40 minutes of music (comprising of approximately over 50 guitar riffs, and even some damn leads as well!!!). The energy of the crowd made 8 songs seem like only 3. Erik Alamia, bassist for Black Tooth Grin, saved my life twice by supplying me with much-needed H20 during our set. Thanks bro!! In addition, the waitress from Newman's behind the bar must be acknowledged for hooking me up with a huge ass glass (the size of those bright orange construction cones that are used on the streets) of orange juice after the show. It was safe to say that I was definitely replenished with enough Vitamin C for the rest of the month. I don't know her name, but thanks anyway!!. The crowd was very receptive, and that is very much appreciated.  Many friends showed up including Debbie, Rick, Sydney (from San Antonio), Slow Grind Boys, Driver 23s Clan, Abram, Lunatic Alex, Mark from AVSP, Melissa/Hector/Laura, Venessa (Corpus Christi), Greek Dan (who helped out with sound) and his wife, Leo, Picos, Danny, Scarebeus Robert, Ted Rackley from Fandango U.S.A., Crystal Hinojosa, Ben, and tons more; close to a hundred heads showed up on a Sunday night!!!! That shit is noteworthy. We had some anonymous roadies for the night who took the initiative to help us out with our gear. Thanks to those guys. In general, thanks to everybody who made that night memorable; the crowd, the staff, the bands, the fans, the unknown roadies, everybody in that cramped up bar for tolerating the noise and willing to accept the consequences of a difficult and seemingly incessant Monday at work. In addition to the love for music, memorable nights like this make our efforts all worth the while. JP

Confused contact information: (Booking) 1-210-862-4550  or  e-mail at sicklovehate@aol.com
Confused additional contact informaiton: 1-956-212-8223    or e-mail at eyanez@hotmail.com

March 1, 2008/ Smokin' Aces

Dead Gift Entertainment pulled out another great show for the Valley scene. For what started off to feel like a fiasco, didn't turn out to be too bad at all. To begin with, the show started a little later than expected so Dogma Hollow had to get cut off. They were already ready to perform on stage, but the tour manager claimed that they should have been done by the time they were about to begin. Without complaint, Dogma Hollow reliquished their performance and allowed to Panteon to start on schedule. It was because of them (Dogma Hollow) that the remainder of the show went smoothly, and I feel this needs to be mentioned because it showed a lot of class on behalf of the Dogma Hollow boys. Secondly, the soundman (yes you pinche Arnold), showed up after all locals had finished their performances. Because of this, the locals had a subpar sound, but that didn't hinder the crowd from pitting throughout the evening. At least the tour package was able to reap the benefits of a decent sound. With at least 150 metalheads in attendance, the pitting was ferocious yet amicable. Our set was a little shorter than we would have liked (only 4 songs), but considering the fact that we had not rehearsed for 2 weeks, it was probably wise that we quit while we were ahead. From speaking to the all the bands, they were quite impressed with the Valley scene that evening. One band even went to the extent to state, "You guys are blowing San Antonio away. That's for sure!!" It was great to see many friends from Mexico at the venue as well as many other local friends: Edgar, Vanessa, Roy, Noel, etc. The ownership at Smokin' Aces need to be commended for allowing this event to be held in their establishment when they could have easily opted to host a UFC pay-per-view fight instead. The Valley scene has once again made a remarkable impression on the visiting bands; keep it up. JP

San Antonio, Texas- Nov. 3, 2007

Even though we were only able to witness the first day's insanity of the Goregrowler's Ball, it is safe to say that the Ball was a success. Bands from all over the state were tearing it up. The head count was close to 150, and the transitions between the 10+ bands went smoothly. Aaron Mendiola (a.k.a. Goregrowler) needs to be commended for setting up the whole event, inviting us to play, and making everyone happy. With so many bands to please, this can be quite the task.  The sound, at first, was a little unpleasant, but by the end of the night, all sounded great.  A few bands ended up cancelling, and Sarcolytic ended up cutting their set short because the cops showed up requesting for the music to be lowered (since the show was outdoors); but the show continued without further interruption, and every band in attendance was able to perform. The pits were pretty active and friendly. Sean Whitaker from Insidious Decrepancy must be thanked for lending us a chord and a strap for Abel. Enrique "Mil Mekos" Mendez went beyond the call of duty by driving for the majority of the trip and for helping out with everything. Kat from San Antonio hooked us up with free fajita and chicken tacos that, at the time, seemed to be the best tacos in the world. Severance must have collectively consumed over 20 of these edible jewels. We made several new friends that night, and the crowd feed back was greatly appreciated. Javier Trevino lent us his trailer for the trip- a big "thank you" goes out to him for being so cool. It had been close to a decade since we last played San Antonio. Hopefully it won't be that long before we perform there again. Rumor has it that this event will be annual; hopefully we can do this again next year.  JP

The Metro- McAllen/ Sept. 8, 2007

Considering that McAllen has one of the best scenes in the state of Texas, I would have to say that the crowd size for the Pyrexia show was weak.  The 50 metalheads in attendance witnessed one hell of a show.  Fed of Me started the night with their brand of intricate deathcore.  Then yours truly (Severance) took the stage to rush through 5 of our songs.  It took us 20 minutes to play 30 minutes of music; yes, we know how to defy the essence of time. Sons of Azrael from Buffalo, New York were the first of the national acts to perform; then Florida's Infernaeon took the stage to perform their style of black/death metal with keyboards.  Los Angeles' Crematorium represented the west coast with their death metal and provided a good warm up for the evening's headliners, Pyrexia.  Because of time constraints, Pyrexia was only able to play about 6 six songs, but they crushed in the little time they had.  They did perform a one-song encore at the crowd's request.  Justin DiPinto from Mortal Decay/Malevolent Creation played drums and Mac from Internal Suffering filled in on bass for the tour.  There were no fights, there was constant pitting, and everybody was having a good time.  Arnold once again created his soundboard magic and helped everybody sound powerful and loud, which is pretty difficult when you have reggaeton/hip-hop music seeping through the roof at an unpleasant volume.  Carrying the equipment up the 220 steps of stairs (it felt like that many, but it was probably closer to 30) was agonizing, but AD from McAllen (who happens to love Severance) helped us out immensely.  Thanks bro, I owe you a beer or two.  Thanks to Juan from The Metro for allowing this show to take place at his club, and for supplying me with a lamp to help light up our merchandise area. Joaquin from Fed of Me/Dead Gift Entertainment made this show possible, and he needs to be commended for bringing down all the national death metal acts that we've been getting in our area.  Check out his myspace page to stay on top of all the madness this guy is bringing down to McAllen.  Even with the fact that Corpus Christi only had 15 people show up to their show the night before, I would say that the McAllen scene made up for it and left a decent impression on the boys on the Tour of the Wicked bill. Maybe next time the scene can bring in the triple-digit crowds we are so used to seeing. We will wait and see... JP  


Aug. 3, 2007/ VFW-McAllen, Texas

Dead But Walking's last show at the VFW went pretty well.  To begin with, we'd like to clear things up a bit.  This was our last show at the VFW, not our last show ever.  Many people became confused with the announcement because Dead But Walking would not be doing anymore shows; therefore, Severance wouldn't be doing anymore shows at the VFW since our vocalist Mike runs Dead But Walking Productions.  Severance is far from dead; we will be doing more shows. The evening went pretty well, considering that the crowds were a little more tame than what we've seen at the VFW.   Fed of Me had to cancel their performance, but everybody else showed up and performed their asses off.  Thanks to all who bought merchandise, and thanks to Edgar Trejo for taking care of merchandise for the evening. It was a little odd being the only death metal band on the bill, but the crowd embraced us as they usually do.  If I'm not mistaken, we've done 5 shows at the VFW, and most of them brought smiles of satisfaction to our faces.  If any of you reading this attended any of those shows, we appreciate your support of the local scene.   JP


Newman's Bar&Grill/McAllen July 29, 2007

Sunday, July 29th, proved to be a rather eventful evening for the Severance history book.  This was our first time playing at Newman's, and things turned out very memorable. There were a few wrinkles presented that were quickly ironed out- Undying Prophecy had to cancel because of bandmember issues(ask them for more details); the original soundguy bailed a few hours earlier; Fed of Me cancelled ( they were added a little after the completion of the first flyer); and Blast Perversion's vocalist was under the weather.  To remedy the aforementioned, Walk the Graves filled in for Undying Prophecy; Mike (our vocalist) took over the sound situation; Fed of Me was not replaced; and Blast Perversion endured a member's illness and went ahead and performed.  We want to thank Brandon and the Newman's crew for allowing this mayhem to occur under their roof.  There was something for everybody to enjoy at Newman's. If you like hardcore, Walk the Graves brought their tunes to the stage and left a good impression on many.  If you enjoy porngrind, Blast Perversion satisfied those immoral urges.  If you wanted old-school death metal, Severance supplied the goods.  If you wanted a cold beverage, the bar was just a shout away.  If you like Ultimate Fighting Championship events, our former bassist, Oliver, was attacked by an irrate crowd member who relentlessly bashed his fist into Oliver's back for about 20 or so punches.  If you like irony, this attack happened at the beginning of one of our new songs that is entitled "Humunkind", which is about the cruelty that we as humans inflict upon other humans. The sound for the evening started off a bit incomplete but eventually improved.  Several of our old friends were there to share this moment with us, and several became new friends.  All those wearing their unholy Severance shirts need to be commended for supporting us on the most holiest of days- Sunday.  Thanks to Danny from Blast Perversion for lending me his drumset for the evening.  Thanks to those who attempted to stop the brawl during "Humunkind" and thus preventing a bloodbath on the frontrow.  Venessa may have very well saved my life by getting me a bottled water towards the end of our 9-song set (a feat we have never before embarked on), and she must be acknowledged.  Thanks to Denny's for being there when hungry musicians/fans need to replenish themselves.  Hopefully, Newman's will host us for another show.  Until then,... JP

June 15, 2007- VFW in McAllen, Texas

Quality precedes quantity was the lesson learned on Friday, June 15th at the VFW. Although this was the smallest sized crowd we have performed for at the VFW, the mayhem was no less obvious.  Maybe it was the lack of air conditioning that put everybody in a violent, agitated state.  Whatever it was, it proved to be beneficial for the constant, maelstrom-like mosh pits. Mario from Of Blood and Ashes gifted us, as well as every other band, with an impressive sound for the evening.  Considering our lone roadcrew member, Roy "Dirty Sanchez" Sanchez, was unable to attend, things went considerably smooth.  Thanks to Maggie for tending to the merchandise while we played and to Ruben from Rigor Mortis Records for hooking me up with some clip-on lamps for merchandise displaying. A few Severance shirts were being sported by some of the crowd members, and that is always apreciated.  It was good to see a few of our old friends there; Lee, Leo, Mark, etc. Before I forget, Venessa Serna from Corpus Christi needs to be acknowledged for possibly saving my life by buying me a much-needed, bottled water at the conclusion of our set.  It felt like we were playing in one of those mini warming ovens you see at your local convenience stores that keep those brutally delicious burritos and all the leftover breakfast tacos at an acceptably safe temperature. Well the important thing is that none of us died, but we came pretty damn close!!  JP

April 21, 2007/ Austin, Texas- The Red 7

Our 2nd performance in our state's capital proved to be a noteworthy event.  The folks at The Red 7 outdid themselves with the sound that evening.  Everything was audible and enjoyable.  Extreme Texas Metal must be acknowledged for making this event possible and for including Severance on the bill.  Even though the crowd was a little under triple-digit figures, those in attendance made up for it with a great response.  Thanks to all those who purchased merchandise; you fed me (JP) for the weekend.  It was great to see so many myspace friend requests from the Austin area when we got back the next day.  Many of our friends ended up joining us for the evening.  Mario from Of Blood and Ashes from the Valley was in Austin and decided to go by and give some support.  Adrian Longoria and his friend Omar drove from Houston to check us out.  Former members, Juan and Dustin, were in attendance (good luck with the Severance tribute band guys!!! Ha Ha!!).  Some other old friends of ours were there as well-- Aaron, Sandra, Roy, and several more.  An extra special thanks to Gary for letting me borrow his drums, the guys in Exulcerate for lending us their cabinets, and all the other bands who generously allowed us to use their equipment, therefore making our trip a little less tedious.  No thanks to the crew at Denny's for taking over an hour to feed Mike, Omar and me when we were dying of hunger to begin with.  Getting the order wrong doesn't make matters any better either. With the exception of  Ralph's stomach virus causing him to spend the majority of the evening by the can disgorging, everything was perfect. Thanks to Ruben from Rigor Mortis Records for always being there for us with merchandise help ( and hangars!!).  Austin's scene has proved to be one of the best in the state; we hope it continues embracing Severance the way it did on the 21st of April. We will be back there soon.  JP


Chapa's Bar- Brownsville/ March 11, 2007

Just by looking at the bands scheduled to perform, we were expecting a pretty insane evening at Chapa's Bar on March 11, 2007, and none of us was disappointed.  Several hundred of the Valley's metal faithful showed up to the best show we have ever played in Brownsville.  With the exception of Panteon's cancellation, everything went incredibly smooth.  Efrain took care of scheduling masterfully, and his sound crew helped immensely. From my view behind the drumset, all I can say is that I was glad to be on stage and not in the daunting pits that whirled below.  If you can imagine 100 UFC fighters all trying to viciously pulverize the ones around them, then you have a good idea what the pits were like that night- not just for Severance, for all the bands. Cephalic Carnage tore it up like always, and Brujeria never disappoints.  Leonard from Cephalic Carnage went to the extent of saying, "It is an honor to share the stage with Severance.  They killed tonight." Comments like that are immeasurable.  We need to acknowledge a few individuals who made the evening go a little better for us.  Thanks to Jaime from In Asunder for lending me some cymbal stands for our set.  Flor volunteered to look over our merchandise while we played, and that was much-needed.  Many people made the drive from McAllen to Brownsville as we did, and that deserves mentioning because that is a lengthy and dangerous drive with all the construction between here and there.  Maggie Espericueta took some amazing photos (once again) that you can view on our Visions Page.  A good handful of metal heads bought merchandise in support of Severance, and that is always appreciated.  Ruben from Rigor Mortis Records always lends a helping hand with anything we need, and we are grateful for that.  It was good to see many of our friends at the show, and it was equally as pleasant to make the new friends we made that night.  I'm sure it is safe to say that everyone who was in attendance at Chapa's on March 11, 2007 left the venue with a life-long memory- I know we did.  Thanks Brownsville/Valley. JP


Friday, Feb. 23/ VFW in McAllen

Wow, close to 300 metal heads showed up for this event, proving once again, that the Valley scene ranks with the best of them!!  Our brothers in Uncleansed played their first show in McAllen and loved it.  All the bands carried their own weight and performed impressively.  Pitting was insane throughout the whole evening.  Mike Mena managed the evening's festivities nicely to ensure everybody had their allotted performance times.  Thanks to all those who supported Severance through merchandise purchases and to Abram and Roy for offering their roadie skills for the evening and helping things run smoothly.  Thanks also to Ruben from Rigor Mortis Records for looking over our merchandise while we were on stage.  It's nights like these that make life worth living. See you at the next show. JP


Dec. 16, 2006- Houston, Texas

The IXth Annual Anti-Christ Mass in Houston was definitely worth the drive to Houston.  Nine bands entertained over 150 metal heads at Walter's on Washington.  Thanks to Luis Carlos for giving us the opportunity to perform at this event--you are a man of your word bro.  Everything went very smooth, which is rare in an event like this.  It was good to see some old friends at this event as well: Brian from McAllen, Aaron from Exculcerate, Wes from Blaspherion, Bill from KPFT in Houston, Sean and Jim from Uncleansed, Larry formerly of Infernal Dominion, and a shit load more that are slipping my mind. People from all over the state were in attendance.  Thanks to Daryl from Uncleansed for supplying me with a drumset to pound on for 40 minutes.  Many people purchased merchandise this evening, and your support is, as always, greatly appreciated.  Thanks to Vore for the CD trade.  Adrian Longoria a.k.a. roadie of death, gave us a helping hand with equipment as well.  Maggie Espericueta risked her life taking pics of us while on stage--thanks for that.  Brian Ferrell ( no relation to Will) from Ossuary Industries took care of us hardcore.  Your hospitality will not be forgotten bro. An honorary mention goes out to the group of guys taking up the whole front row during our set who headbanged non-stop to every tune we spewed out. Unfortunately, I don't know your names.  This was a good way for Severance to end the year.  Until next time...   JP  

Toys for Tots 2006- Harlingen, Texas

Another evening of giving from the Valley metalheads proved successful at the 3rd Annual STMP Toys for Tots Campaign.  The number of gifts received hit the triple digits once again.  It was cool to see some new, up and coming bands that I'm sure you will hear a lot more of in the near future.  Thanks to Serge and Lori for organizing everything and to Chris for running killer sound, again.  Many bought merchandise, and that is always appreciated.  The efforts and results of this event are going to put smiles on the faces of many less fortunate children in our area, so in essence, THANK YOU to those who attended and brought a toy.  Check out the Visions Page for a few live shots of this event. JP

McAllen VFW- December 8, 2006

Another impressively brutal show at the infamous VFW.  Thanks to the Dead But Walking Crew for organizing this event.  The cold weather and rain was not enough to deter roughly 200 metalheads from attending this show.  Thanks to all those who bought merchandise in support of Severance.  All the bands carried their own weight and each tore it up.  Violent, yet friendly, mosh pits swarmed through the entire evening.  The scene here has much to be envied by other scenes; this evening was concrete proof of that.  See you at the next show.  JP

July 23, 2006- Chapa's Bar / Brownsville, TX

Brujeria's first time in Brownsville was a pretty rowdy night. Everything you would expect from a Brujeria show was present: pukings, injuries, mosh pits, breast-flashings, drunkenness, etc. Chapa's Bar was practically sold out. The sound for the night was incredible. Arnold from Catastrophe managed, once again, to make us sound impressive. Thanks to Adrian Longoria, the veteran roadie, for his help with transporting and setting up equipment. The crowd response was amazing. It was good to be back in Brownsville after so many years. Local favorites, Panteon, displayed their dark metal for the Brownsville metal heads as well. Thanks to Enrique for booking us once again and to Efrain for making things run smoothly. Hopefully we'll be back in Brownsville much sooner than later. JP

June 29, 2006/ Smiley's-Harlingen, Texas

STMP did it again!! The Deceased was definitely a success. Considering the show was during the week, the crowd was just as impressive as the weekend shows at Smiley's. Every band was great. King from Deceased really enjoyed the evening here, and it was cool to see the Valleyites getting into some old school heavy/thrash metal. Thanks to the ladies who cooked the food(rice, beans, brisket, potato salad, etc.) for the bands that evening; I don't know your names, but your consumable contributions were greatly appreciated. Sterling, formerly of Degradation, was a set-up savior once again on stage with the drums. Thanks for the help my blasting brother. Jon from Slow Grind/Blast Perversion worked aurally pleasant miracles on the board again. All in all, it was a pretty enjoyable evening. JP

January 21, 2006- McAllen, Texas VFW

Damn, I don't know where to start recapping this show. Should I start with the 150+ people in attendance, the ridiculous merchandise sales, the killer support, or the insane, endless mosh pits!!??!?? This show was great in every way. Whenever a band is about to do a show, they hope everything goes well even though it rarely does. This show was one of those rare incidents where everything was exceptional. Thanks to Mario for putting this all together and for getting us a very good sound. Even though each Severance member was at risk of being brutally trampled by uncontrollable, raging moshers because of a lack of a stage, it was all well worth it. The video footage of the show looks like a massive riot!!! Speaking of video footage, thanks to Roy Sanchez (again) and Hector Ochoa for doing their best impressions of Steven Speilberg by filming the show. Thanks to Sylvia for handling merchandise again. We had roadies that night that we didn't even know we had!!! Thanks to those guys as well. Thanks to Beto and my brother, Albert, for helping out with the drums. This show displayed two things to us: the fact that the McAllen area scene still rules all scenes, and it showed different generations of metalheads enjoying what makes us one-metal. Thanks to all those "new schoolers" and "old schoolers" who decided to come spend an evening with us along with a few other kick ass local bands. Merchandise sales were incredible; thanks to all those who purchased anything; we know cash does not grow on trees. In between each song, I couldn't believe the crowd intensity I was witnessing before me. I had to question whether or not this was really happening--it was. Even though we have been trying to play the VFW for quite some time, this was our very first time, but it won't be our last. See you again, sometime soon. JP

June 16, 2006- Hookah Lounge/ McAllen, Texas

Our first time at the Hookah proved to be a rather pleasant experience. Considering there was another show across town, the attentive crowd of over 100 was plenty to ask for. Gored seemed to enjoy their first performance in McAllen as well. Blast Perversion and Armed to Intervene also shredded the stage to add to the insanity. Thanks to Jovan, the owner of the Hookah, for letting the scene flourish in his establishment. Not many business owners are willing to take the risk of doing these kinds of shows, but Jovan stepped up to grab the metal torch. Many of our friends showed up to hang out and listen to metal. Thanks for always being there guys. Props go out to Undying Prophecy, Dogma Hollow, Satan's Sluts, Until I Wake, Valdris, EMS, Of Forsaken Divinity, A Beautiful Lotus and every other local band that was there to support our cause-- I know I forgot a few bands, sorry. See you at the next show. JP

Wednesday, June 7, 2006/ McAllen, Texas Club Onyx

Most bands judge their live performances by what they did wrong, what they didn't do wrong, crowd response, energy level, live sound, etc., but when you don't get to play at all, that's a different story entirely. Pointing fingers at whomever was responsible for the fiasco at Club Onyx is pointless. We have had many situations in Severance's 15+ year life span, but we have never witnessed something like this. Unfortunately, we weren't the only ones unable to play; none of the locals set foot on stage. I had a feeling booking 8 bands for a show was overdoing it a little, and I was right. At least the crowd got to see the main bands on the package. Considering that tempers were flaring before the show from every direction because of a lack of PA and misorganization, the end result was pretty good. Each band on the package blasted through their songs and seemed to enjoy the Valley crowd. Many of our friends from across the border showed up as well, which doesn't surprise me. Close to 200 metalheads showed up to be a part of the Decades of Death Tour. I don't know who ended up running and setting up the sound equipment, but whoever it was probably ended up saving a riot in the making. You do not want to piss off a metal crowd by cancelling a show at the very last minute. You're better off kicking a wasp's nest and just standing there. The sound was pretty damn good towards the end of the show. Regardless, thanks to all those who bought our merchandise and supported us anyway, even though we didn't get to perform. I think the crowd reaction/attendance helped make the situation a little better for the 4 bands on the package, so it wasn't a total disaster. I just hope things don't get any worse than this. JP

May 19, 2006 McAllen, Texas/ VFW

STMP's first show in McAllen went very well.  Over 100 people gathered to witness this event.  It was great to do another show with our little brothers in Undying Prophecy.  Unfortunately, a couple bands dropped out at the last minute, but everything else went well.  Thanks to all the bands; everybody was cool.  Jon (Slowgrind) did a great job at the board.  A sincere thank you goes out to Serge for making us a part of his first McAllen show.  Thanks to all those who showed up in their Severance attire.  The party afterwards at the Hookah Lounge was great as well.  Thanks to Ruben and Maggie for managing the merchandise for us and to the VFW for holding my box of merchandise overnight.  Congratulations to the Undying Prophecy boys for coming in 2nd place in the unofficial United States Foosball Tournament of Champions.  Yours truly (Severance) came in first.  Maybe with some practice, they may actually score a point/goal next time!!!!! Many more shows are to come, so keep your eyes peeled and see you at the next one.  JP