Texas Death Metal


Severance continues to pummel on the death metal path with a new record deal (Dark United Media), new material and a new line-up. 
(From left to right) Bert Cantu-guitars, Abel Barrera- bass, Chris De Leon-vocals, Lupe Garcia-guitars, and Jaime Perez (drums). JP

Severance 2014

The Severance 2014 line-up remains the same as 2013's. This is the line-up that is responsible for bringing you the album, The Concession Continuum. From left to right: Abel/ Bass, Mike/ Vocals, Fernie/ Guitars, Jaime/ Drums, and Joe Dan/ Guitars. JP

Severance 2013

Severance back as a quintet. From left to right: Jaime Perez/Drums, Mike Mena/Vocals, Fernie Salinas/Guitar, Abel Barrerra/Bass, and Joe Dan de la Rosa/Guitar.

Severance 2010

Resuming as a quartet, this is the current Severance line-up. (Left to right) Joe Dan de la Rosa (guitars), Abel Barrera (bass), Mike Mena (vocals) and Jaime Perez (drums). JP

Severance 2009

After resorting to proceed as a quartet for several months due to Ralph Gutierrez's departure, Severance has finally become a quintet again with the acquisition of Jon Trevino. Jon was previously in Undying Prophecy (R.I.P.) and is currently also with Wretched Gospel. The current line below is (left to right) Abel Barrera (bass), Joe Dan de la Rosa (guitars), Mike Menace (vocals), Jon Trevino (guitars), and JP (drums). JP             




                            Severance from left to right: Ralph-guitars, Abel-bass, Jaime-drums, Joe Dan-guitars, Mike-vocals



The current Severance line-up is displayed above; clockwise, beginning at the top: Ralph Gutierrez-guitars, Jaime Perez-drums, Abel Barrera-bass, Mike Mena-vocals, and Joe Dan de la Rosa-gutars.  JP

Severance Live at Fili's/ Reynosa, Tamaulipas-Dec. 1, 2007

JP on the drums wondering where all the cymbals went.        Mike engages in an emotional, heart-felt headbang.

Abel and Joe Dan take pleasure in banging outdoors.          Only in Mexico: Pitting with a hand-held video camera!!!

Severance in San Antonio- Roadhouse Saloon/ Nov. 3, 2007

Here are a few live pics from The Goregrowler's Ball in San Antonio. All photos have been taken by and used with permission from Bill Jones. More of Bill's work can be viewed at www.iguanamon.com

Abel shreds the bass on stage.                                               Joe Dan feels his riffs


Ralph riffs away in the San Antonio darkness.                     Yours truly about to be blinded by a flash.
                                                        Mike growling and sporting his newly acquired t-shirt.

September 9, 2007-Severance Live at The Metro/ McAllen

Here are a few pics from our show with Pyrexia courtesty of Nefarious Noelia.  Enjoy the visual mayhem.  JP

(Left) JD riffs away at a Severance tune and (right) Mike forgets how to shoot the finger while JD eyes one of his chords.


(Right) Mike contemplates stabbing someone in the frontrow with his microphone and (left) Ralph and Abel play hide and seek with the crowd.



Severance in Austin at the Red 7-- April 21, 2007

The following photos were contributed by Anna from Extreme Texas Metal.  Enjoy!!! JP

Ralph displays "how to play a chord" in Austin.                     JD plays hide and seek during a song in Austin.


Abel keeps it banging all night.                                                  Mike relishes the heaviness of his tunes and a cold one.

                                                                     A very active group shot of the Severance front 4.

Live pics from Newman's/ July '07

The following photos from Newman's were bravely and kindly taken by Maggie Espericueta.

A crowd member gives the horns of approval.                                         4/5ths of Severance performing away.

A co-ed headbanging display was in effect at Newman's.                          Mike tries to telepathically convey a message to a crowd member
                                                                                                                                who seems to be having trouble accepting the message.

March 12, 2007/ Chapa's -Brownsville, TX

Mike growling away.                                                                       Joe Dan concentrating on a lead.

Severance's fantastic four banging.                                            JP playing on a borrowed drumset half the size of his.
The next three pictures are some killer crowd shots of the crowd moshing and giving us horns of approval.



McAllen VFW- Feb. 23, 2007

Here are few photos from our show with Uncleansed at McAllen's VFW.  All photos were taken by Angie Villalobos.  Enjoy!!   JP

Here's JP blasting away!!!                                           Ralph gets a good look at his manicure.                          

The whole evening was a blur, as this photo of Mike proves
.     Joe Dan does his impression of a sleepy Gene

                                                Abel plays hide and seek with the camera.

Severance in Houston/ 12-16-06

Here are a few live shots from the Anti Christ Mass that took place in Houston. JP

Abel                                                                                                             JD

Ralph                                                                                                          JP


Mike, Abel, Ralph and JD putting 110% into it. 

Toys for Tots 2006- Harlingen, Texas

Here are some live group shots, as well as some mosh pit shots of the 3rd Annual Toys for Tots in Harlingen. All photos are courtesy of STMP Serge.  JP

Mike banging away                                                                                   Ralph playing hide and seek

                                             Valley locals doing what they do best: bang and slam!!!


                                                           The slamming and banging continues.

Pics from Club Mint / May 22, 2006

Here are a few pics from a live show we did at Club Mint in McAllen.  Enjoy these pics because you will never see another pic of Severance at Mint again.  Let's just say Club Mint left a sour taste in our mouths rather than a refreshing one.  Enjoy!! JP

Ralph riffing away                                                                         Joe Dan banging away

Mike bonding with the crowd                                                            Jaime keeping the beat        

                                                           Here's a group shot capturing the insanity of a live performance.

Severance Live- The Ballroom in Corpus Christi, Texas/ Nov. 24, 2005

Here are some live photos from our Thanksgiving Day gig in Corpus Christi with Vader, Decapitated and Dew-Scented. 

Abel                                                                                                       Joe Dan

Ralph                                                                                                    Jaime

                                                                                                Ralph and Abel

Severance Live in Harlingen on August 13, 2005

The following photos in this section were taken by none other than Maggie Espericueta.  Here are two live group shots of Severance banging away.


Abel and Joe Dan                                                                                    Joe Dan giving his all


Abel                                                                                                       Ralph


JP                                                                                                           The few, the proud, the pit!!!!! 


SEVERANCE in Corpus Christi, TX- May 21, 2005 / Valley of Death Fest

Here are a few pics from the Valley of Death Fest in Corpus.  More pics from this event can be found on the STMP website through our links page. JP

 ABEL                                                                                                       JOE DAN



 RALPH                                                                                                   MIKE/RALPH


April 2, 2005/ Harlingen, Texas

 ABEL                                                                                                             JAIME


MIKE                                                                                                         RALPH       







Maniacal Mayhem in Mexico

Here are several pics from our Cuidad Victoria show.  Thanks to Roy "The Lone Roadie" Sanchez for capturing the insanity.





Here are a few crowd shots of the attendees that night. Over 100 were in attendance to spend an evening with Severance. 


Here's a pic of Joe Dan juggling the difficult task of working on foreign affairs and public relations with a Mexican female fan.                                                                   







Live shots from Freedom Fest


   Joe Dan                                                                                            Mike



  Abel                                                                                                   Jaime                                                                                         


Severance onstage outdoors, at one with darkness.








    Here are a few live photos taken when we opened for Brujeria in McAllen, Texas.


                                         RALPH                                                                                                       JOE DAN



                                                MIKE                                                                                              ABEL